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The Magic Of WonderBalm

A roundup of our favorite content about one of our favorite products!

While we adore and take pride in each and every one of our products as if they were our children, there is perhaps one exceptional hero product that stands slightly apart from the rest. 

Our COO, Regina, a curly girl herself, describes WonderBalm as follows:

"Two words: Hair. Nirvana."

Adding, "WonderBalm has rescued my dry, kinky, color-treated curls. I not only get soft, frizz-free smoothness, but the hydration and shine levels are off the charts."

Because it simply has to be tried to be believed, we've rounded up some of our favorite content from our favorite WonderBalm fanatics who share its magic in their own words, along with photos and videos of their miraculous curls and oh-so-smooth straightened tresses.


"The WonderBalm is my holy grail curly hair product! It gives my curls the definition they need while also preventing frizz. I love that it helps my curls hold their shape, but doesn’t make them hard and crunchy like many gel products out there. Finding WonderBalm helped me to embrace my naturally curly hair and wear it with pride."

—Davida, AKA The Healthy Maven

Davida's post about discovering self-love through embracing her natural hair texture is an absolute must-read! Here's an excerpt:

"My curly hair has taught me that self-love encompasses so many aspects of our being. Our bodies, our values, our religious beliefs, our sexuality and yes, even our hair. Sometimes we’ve spent so long telling ourselves the same story that we don’t even realize we’re actually reinforcing self-hatred. It’s made me think a lot about how I’ve spent most of my life coveting and idealizing a certain hair type while rejecting my own."

Check out the full post here >

Check out Davida's curly routine featuring our SmartStart Leave-In (shout out to the old packaging hehe) and of course, WonderBalm:

For more on Davida, check out our exclusive Q&A with her here >


When we came up with the concept for our My Hair, My Journey video series, we knew that curls would be a BIG topic and that our curly girls would have a lot of unique stories to share. Iman was certainly a standout - here's a clip from her journey:

And a clip of her speaking about her experience with WonderBalm:


Delilah, the force behind The Holistic Enchilada, is serious curl goals and has been our Curly Girl Method guru for quite some time. Here's what she had to say about WonderBalm:

"This product is like a hair serum. It feels like water and you can’t feel it as you apply it. [EVOLVh's] styling products really melt right into your hair which can be quite deceiving and lead to using too much product. Start small! This stuff gives incredible shine and softness.

I always stress to experiment with new products to find what works for you. This product is also expensive, but honestly, I can see this bottle lasting over a year.

I add half a pump and scrunch up from the ends."

She's absolutely right - a little truly goes a long way. Thankfully, the airless pump allows you to distribute just the tiny amount you need. 

Check out Delilah's review of WonderBalm and our other curl products and how she works them into her CGM routine here >

You can also watch her CGM Routine video here:

Check out our exclusive one-on-one with Delilah here >

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Sarrah, one of the subjects of our My Hair, My Journey campaign featuring real women and their real hair stories, fell in love with WonderBalm (in tandem with our SmartCurl Wash & Conditioner) in the least expected of places: while living on a boat in Montauk and showering at the dock. If this combo helped her curls thrive there, it'll work miracles for anyone's curls anywhere!


Let's not forget that WonderBalm is just as magical for straightening. Our amazing community of pro stylists agrees, and you can also take it from our founder, Boris:

“We call it 'Magic For Curls,' but WonderBalm is also the world’s best straightening product. Even if you’re naturally curly, when you want a sleek straight blowout - it is the holy grail.”

"I love the WonderBalm— it’s a fave!" —Reagan Hart

Like so many of us, Reagan relies on WonderBalm for the smoothest, silkiest, dreamiest blowout you can have!

Check out her take here (she also features some other EVOLVh products):

Are you ready to experience your healthiest, shiniest, bounciest curls EVER without any frizz, crunch, stickiness, or dryness? OR are you looking for a weightless straightening serum that results in the silkiest and smoothest styles imaginable? WonderBalm delivers BOTH in one unicorn product. It's no wonder "magic" is in its name. This balm is truly the bomb!

Snag yours here >