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#HairGoals With Davida Of The Healthy Maven

Get to know the wellness blogger and podcaster and discover her curly hair go-to's. 

It's rare to find someone who encompasses #curlgoals, #yogagoals, and #wellnessgoals all in one, but Davida of The Healthy Maven does exactly that and we simply can't get enough. Between her blog, her podcast, and her retreats/bootcamps, Davida is one busy gal, but she recently sat down for a Q&A and gave us her time as generously as she does to her community of wellness seekers. Read on for some insights into her yoga journey, her go-to herbal teas, her favorite sources for sustainable clothing, her staple EVOLVh products, and more!

How did you first discover yoga?

I took my first yoga class when I was 16 at a local gym where I was living in Toronto, Canada. It was the first time in my life when someone told me it was okay to slow down and breathe. From there I was hooked! 

What made you want to become a teacher?

At first I did teacher training to deepen my own practice and it wasn’t on my radar to teach. But quickly things changed. I naturally fall into teacher mode and soon discovered that the next step in my own yoga journey was to sit in the seat of the teacher. It is incredibly challenging, but I absolutely love it.

What are some benefits of yoga that you think everyone should know about?

BREATHE! I’m always reminding my students that there is no goal in yoga except to connect to your breath. It’s not about hitting every posture perfectly. In fact you don’t need to move at all. If you can connect your body and mind to your breath, you are practicing yoga. Our breath is attached to our nervous system so if we’re shallow-breathing we are only perpetuating our anxiety and stress. Research has shown that simply by breathing deeper and more fully, we can actually decrease our cortisol levels and reduce our stress.

What are your top 3 favorite herbal teas and what are their benefits?

I love a blend of Lavender and Chamomile to help with sleep and relaxation. Rose Tea helps me to tap into my divine feminine and it’s also a great mood booster in addition to helping with menstrual cramps. Nettle Leaf is my go-to for helping to tame my seasonal allergies (which are basically year-round allergies here in California!).

Where are your favorite places to shop for sustainable clothing?

For casual clothing I love Everlane and for fancier clothing you can’t go wrong at Reformation. I also love shopping vintage and used!

What’s your favorite topic to discuss on your podcast and why?

That’s a hard one! I love anything to do with spirituality/astrology as well as anything to do with women’s reproductive health as I feel like this is a topic that isn’t discussed enough.

What type of curls do you have and which EVOLVh products work best with your hair type?

I have very thick 3a curls so when I style them there’s definitely some ringlets in there. They tend to get dry so I love using the EVOLVh's UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque and SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner. The WonderBalm is my holy-grail product and has done wonders for styling my hair! 

Tell us about Camp Wellness! What is its goal and what is the experience like?

Camp Wellness was originally started as a health and wellness retreat to connect women in health through self-development and yoga. It’s now expanded to include online courses that help women get in touch with their “why” and help their businesses thrive. The goal is to be a supportive network for women in the wellness space with the belief that together we can all be successful. The retreat was an incredible experience and we’re so excited to kick off our next one in the fall. We’ve now had over 60+ women go through our online bootcamp with more on the horizon as we open enrollment again.