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Why Your Hair is Aging & What You Can Do About It

A mini science lesson and some insanely effective tips await!

Aging is inevitable and a natural part of life. When you embrace it, it’s beautiful… but that doesn’t mean that any of us want to look/feel any older than we have to. Most people relate aging to the process your skin and body undergo, however, while these parts of you age, your hair goes through this transformation as well. Not everyone is familiar with how it happens, how to prevent/minimize it, or what to do if it has already started happening, so we’re here to give you some answers and as usual, some great tips. We even have some secret weapons that will actually REVERSE the signs of aging on your hair - so buckle up and get ready to time travel! 


Hormonal changes in your body result in different hair growth patterns. The levels of hormones that stimulate hair growth and promote thicker hair decrease as you age, which leads to hair growing finer over time. One solution to this problem is to supply your body with proper nutrients, whether that may be taking vitamin supplements such as biotin, zinc, and iron, or eating a nutrient-rich diet. To prevent the problem altogether, try considering cutting back on color treatments and definitely quit harsh chemical-filled hair products. 

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As hair gets thin and loses color, it can also become dry and brittle. Hair is made of protein strands that become weaker as you age. The natural oil that was once produced throughout your younger years lessens later in life. Prevent this problem by using less heat on your hair and always opt for heat protection products when you do. Heat intensifies dryness so staying away will help your hair become immune to damage. 

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Hair follicles contain pigment cells that constantly produce melanin, which gives our hair color. When we age, the pigment dies and ultimately stops pumping out melanin. We can blame our genes for this one, but poor diet and stress are minor factors that could also explain gray hair. While we can’t reverse the process, there are small steps that can postpone it by nourishing the body with vitamins, a healthy diet, and stress reducers. 

Another option is to dye your hair, but those that do better opt for color-safe hair products and avoid chemicals! 

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We often get asked about gray/silver hair and why we don’t carry a purple shampoo - so here we go!

Yellow is caused by several factors - some we can’t control, and some we can. Because silver (in the industry we call it “white”) hair no longer contains the pigment that colors younger hair, it tends to show the colors of foreign materials picked up from water (from the shower or swimming pools for example), pollutants in the air, and even residue from shampoo or other haircare products. 

So what is one to do when external factors including air pollution, cigarette smoke, the minerals found in tap water, and even medications build up on your hair, but you want to keep your silver locks without any color tones? We asked a salon expert!

Her answer? Work on the things that you can control such as cleansing, by making sure that you are cleansing often, but with very gentle natural products such as EVOLVh shampoos which are gentle enough to cleanse with frequently.  

In general, you should be cautious of products marketed towards silver hair and check the ingredients list for added dyes in the product. For people who have a yellow cast in their hair, using these products with built in dyes (the color purple) to help with yellowing is fine of course, but if you have no yellow in your hair now, you may end up giving your hair a blue or purple cast over time - what is popularly known as “blue hairs.” Yes, that’s exactly where this term originates from.

Regardless of where you and your hair are along your aging journey, natural products are always a good idea when it comes to haircare (and in general). EVOLVh is unique in that we use amino and fatty acids that are small enough to enter the cortex of the hair - so our products actually bring health back to aging hair. What you’ll find with continued use is softness, shine, and improved texture as your hair is revitalized!