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Protect Your Hair Color - Here’s How

Our essential tips for maintaining your color investment! 

Color treatments can be a fun way to switch up your look, provide a youthful appearance, or even give you the confidence to try other bold updates to your life. Keeping color treated hair healthy however, is not always an easy task. Not only do you want to protect your investment, but color is a rigorous process and to keep it healthy, you must take some steps to work with its unique challenges. The good news? We've rounded up some tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way that make healthy, vibrant, non-fading color a breeze.


Sulfates are a common ingredient in shampoos and conditioners that help remove all the bad stuff like dirt and grease. However, they also strip away natural oils, which can be damaging, especially after treating hair with color. Plus, they cause the color fading process to speed up significantly . 

Luckily, EVOLVh has the perfect sulfate-free duo formulated specifically for our color-treated gals: SmartColor Color Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner. Together they naturally ensure maximum color retention and anti-fading. Boom!


Color can take a toll on your hair if not maintained properly. Depriving your hair of the moisture it needs can result in dull hair and that’s a big NO in our book. Leave-in conditioners and masques are a great way to combat dryness and potential or existing damage caused by color. 

In fact, we are SO committed to leave-ins that we have 3 of them for you to choose from: SmartStart to nourish, detangle, restore, prevent fly-aways/potential breakage, fight frizz and protect against heat and UV damage, SmartVolume to do all that plus add thickness, and SmartCurl which boasts all the same benefits but with some extra texture love as it was created specifically for those with wavy, curly, and or kinky hair.

Your other “must” is our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque. This amino acid powered miracle worker is an intensive treatment for hair that has been compromised by color or bleach processing, heat styling, or environmental factors. It’s highly effective for smoothing coarse, curly or frizz-prone hair, protecting your hair from breakage, dehydration, tangles and split ends and results in healthy, shiny and silky hair - no matter its previous condition. It can be used as a weekly treatment or combined with your conditioner every time your shower.

Pro Tip: Many of our salon stylist partners use UltraRepair as a pre-color treatment and you can do the same at home. For beautiful, longer lasting color without the damage, simply apply the masque on the day you color and don’t rinse it out! 


Your hair will thank you if your hair-washing habits are less frequent. Even if you’re using the correct shampoo (like ours!), the continuous exposure to water causes damage and color fade in and of itself. Go light on the washing and your hair (and colorist!) will thank you. 

Uncertain of which products to use or scared to commit to full size bottles without testing them first? Try our Protect Your Color Discovery Kit, which includes 2oz. bottles of SmartColor Shampoo & Conditioner, the SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner, and UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque. The perfect way to explore this range that was created specifically for color-treated hair!

We hope these tips help eliminate any of your color-damage concerns and leave you with the vibrant, gorgeous tresses you seek and deserve!