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#GirlCrush: Kate Of Hubalou

Get to know the gal behind our favorite hair wraps!

You know the #girlcrush is real when we actually carry the brand's products on our own site. Hubalou Wrap Hair Towels are truly a revelation and the ladies on our team simply can't live (or travel) without them. It's an incredible bonus that we happen to adore Kate Marr, the girl boss behind the brand, as well. We've mentioned the importance of a hair wrap (versus a traditional terrycloth towel) in numerous blog and social media posts and will continue to sing their praises, but now you can get the scoop straight from the source! Read on and snag yours here
First off, what is your hair type?

I have very fine/straight/thinning hair. 
What do you struggle with when it comes to your own hair?

Volume and the moisture my hair needs to not get horridly tangled without the greasy look that shows up so easily with my dark brunette color that ultimately flattens any volume I started out with! It was a depressing cycle that left me choosing between volume or moisture. Never both! I have never been able to grow my hair out very long because of how easily it gets tangled (and broken while attempting to detangle). Until EVOLVh's UltraShine duo! It really is magic. Nobody has every understood my hair and therefore has never had a solution for me. It's startling how it has changed my hair journey and allowed me so much freedom in the way I now get to style my hair. There just aren't words! I'm so thankful for it.

What are the main distinctions between traditional terrycloth towels and Hubalou towels that make them so much better for the hair?
Terrycloth towels have all the tiny loops that grab on to and pull at your hair (in addition to being neck hurting heavy). Our Hubalou Wraps have a smooth surface and are made of 100% Bamboo fiber. Bamboo is amazing at quickly wicking away water while locking in moisture. It helps cut down your dry-time, reduces frizz and shines at preventing breakage that every other towel creates. 

How did you discover this difference? What inspired you to start a business out of it?
I bought one from the creator, who is a friend, simply to support her and her business startup and I fell in love! I started using it when I was in the middle of the "birthing years" with my kids and I was experiencing all sorts of horrible hair changes thanks to hormones. It had a profound effect on my hair. That love led to me becoming a business partner and now the owner of Hubalou! Oh what love will lead you to do! :) 

Which hair types benefit from Hubalou wraps the most, if any in particular? Why should we ALL make the switch?
I have yet to find a hair type that doesn't REALLY benefit from our Bamboo Hair Wraps. It's marvelous for you curly girls and keeps your curls together and undisturbed. All of us needing volume - sleep in your Hubalou! We have a large customer base that does this and it's amazing at plumping the hair you have! It sounds like a political campaign slogan, but it's true...breakage prevention and frizz-reduction for all! 

Hubalou also has cleansing cloths! What are the benefits of these? How do they work?
Yeah we do! They are amazing at removing your makeup and NOT your valuable eyelashes. I was so tired of running out of disposable cloths and I love that I always have them. Use, wash, re-use! They're awesome and made of the same 100% Bamboo fiber as our Hair Wraps.

Outside of running a business, you’re also a mother of three. How do you manage all of those responsibilities and still find/make time for self-care?
I am! It's the best job I'll ever have. I had some health problems pop-up over the last couple of years that really forced me to make self-care a priority. I started thinking about my body as the complex machine that it is - mind/body/spirit require maintenance or it doesn't run properly. It became very real to me that in order to care for my family well, I had to take really good care of myself. I spend a lot of time with my farm animals, gardening, and I take a really hot epsom salt bath every. single. night! 

Do you have any plans to expand your product line in the future? What other types of products would you be interested in offering?
I'm the resource person in my family...I've always loved finding really amazing products and passing them on to those I love. It has really inspired me to offer the same thing for our followers through Hubalou. We are adding only the best of the best - it has to have had a life changing effect on me in order to make it on our site. I can't sell people anything that I don't love. I feel like you should save your money...unless it's AWESOME! So we're going to present the Awesome. I am most excited about the EVOLVh products that we get to offer. I feel so honored that I get to carry such awesome products!

We're blushing! So speaking of that - which EVOLVh products are helping you achieve your #HAIRGOALS? (in tandem with Hubalou wraps of course)
UltraShine! It's just marvelous. Somebody finally gets me and gets my hair for the first time in my life. Seriously. I'm currently growing out my hair as long as I can knowing that I'll be able to brush it tangle free with ease AND have the additional volume! My mother recently described how I'm feeling when she said, "I'm having a love affair with this shampoo and conditioner." Same here, Mama!

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