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EVOLVh Products are for All Hair Types

Whether, straight, curly, fine, coarse or even difficult - EVOLVh 100% natural and non-toxic products are effective for each and every hair type. Specialized amino and fatty acids that penetrate deep within your hair at the core with our inside out formulations (skincare for hair is what we refer to it as),  restore, repair and rejuvenate your strands to balanced, smooth, healthy and shiny hair. As an added benefit, it extends the life of color treatments (all products are color safe), is keratin safe, and  pet safe as well.

The majority of the line is vegan with only two that do not fall into this category- refer to individual product pages.  All products are sulfate free, paraben free, silicone free, free of synthetic fragrance and all other toxic ingredients as well.  EVOLVh is 100% cruelty free.


Is there a product family for men

All products are for both men and women. Men especially love the TotalControl Styling Creme as an option to a balm or pomade – it has incredible holding power for those looking for versatile styling options.  We now have a men's edit, in our shop drop down menu.


Is EVOLVh packaging recyclable

We use only recyclable packaging throughout EVOLVh.



Our mission is to use all organic materials and ingredients whenever possible. While all ingredients are 100% natural, we cannot say that they’re 100% certified organic as not every ingredient can be certified as organic – this would include water, powerful natural ingredients, and custom blended unique formulations.  In 2020 we have increased our certified ingredients with many ECOCert additions - please refer to individual product pages.  Our 100% transparency approach, means that every single ingredient is listed in INCI format, so that EVOLVhers have all ingredient information at their fingertips.


What is the shelf life of EVOLVh products

The shelf life is 36 months from time of manufacture. Please keep products in cool to moderate temperature location, away from direct heat, to extend life of contents.


Are EVOLVh Products Gluten Free

EVOLVh is manufactured in a completely wheat free environment, so all products are completely gluten free. Look forward to our future certification postings.


Can I combine products

In 2019, we introduced solutions by hair category.  We now make it easy to choose:  Smooth, Volume, Curls and Color.

EVOLVh is a mix and match line based on hair solutions – whether you’re curly, straight, need volume or your goal is vibrant healthy hair, combine products for the hair of your dreams.


Where is EVOLVh manufactured

In the lovely state of Colorado, right here in the USA.  All products are designed locally with much love in the San Francisco bay area.


Sourcing from Sustainable Growers

At EVOLVh we are concerned about the impact of Palm Oil harvesting and source from sustainable growers who are RSPO certified.  Please visit for additional information.