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#HairGoals With Hannah Marie

One of our favorite EVOLVhers shares her curly girl journey.

There's no hair journey quite like a curly girl hair journey and Hannah's is certainly all her own. We've been stalking...err...following along via her blog, p.s.byHannahMarie, and Instagram for a while and are beyond humbled by the fact that our products are such an integral part of how she's come to embrace her natural texture. So of course when it came time to launch our #HairGoals series on the EVOLVher Journal we absolutely jumped at the chance to pick this babe's brain about all things clean beauty and curls. Scroll along for her story, her tips, and her "EVOLVh Haircare System Breakdown" video!

What first inspired you to switch to clean beauty/haircare? 
I have dealt with chronic health issues for 15+ years and was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2016. I went for a very intense out of state treatment for my Lyme. There was a lot of intense detox involved in the treatment, so when I got home and was recovering I started doing a bunch of research on makeup and beauty products; the ingredients that are in our daily products and the regulations…or lack there of. I was shocked and pretty disgusted by what is allowed in our products and ingredients that are not even being regulated! After the intense treatment I had just gone through there was no way I was going to be putting all of those toxins back on/in my body. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and almost everything we put on it will be absorbed into our bloodstream within 26 seconds. After what I went through, I wanted to do whatever I could to lessen my toxin load. And so my journey to clean beauty began!

Since then, what have been the biggest battles for you as you switched over to cleaner beauty and what advice would you give to someone who feels unsure of where to start? 

I think some of the biggest battles for me were ingredients. Finding cleaner beauty products for me was much more of a challenge because I had so many sensitivities at the time. My body was hypersensitive. SO even some really incredible natural ingredients I couldn’t/can’t use. For example: coconut oil. So that made the process extra challenging.
Best advice for someone who is just starting is: start slowly. Replace products as you run out of them or they expire. If you’re able to replace a few of the ones that are going to be on your body/skin the longest i.e. skincare, foundation, haircare, deodorant…I think it also really depends on which products you use the most frequently. Aim for balance - I think it's important to make better and safer choices, lessening our toxin load - progress over perfection.

What are some of the biggest challenges for you as a curly girl and how have you found a way to overcome them?
Oh, haha, challenges...just trying not to anger the beast #lionmane haha. My hair actually got curly when I was 12-13 so that was great - it really added to that awkward phase. It was a real challenge getting used to it and learning how to work with it. I feel I’ve only just begun to really figure things out in the last few years. I think one of the main things was frizziness! And having an oily scalp/dry ends. 

I would say the solutions that have worked best for me are: using a cotton t-shirt towel, clean haircare (like EVOLVh!), switching to a silk pillow case, and being mindful of gut health. Together these things have made a world of difference!

When and how did you first come across EVOLVh?
I actually came across EVOLVh when I was just starting my clean beauty transition/journey. It’s actually one of my first IG posts :)
I found EVOVLh on The Choosy Chick online green beauty shop. I ordered the little sample sizes and immediately fell in love. Especially with the scent. 

Have you noticed any difference in your hair since using EVOLVh products?
I’ve been doing so much with my health and I believe that health and beauty start from within, but good products definitely are an important step and having clean ingredients is even more important. EVOLVh is just that! I notice my hair is SO smooth and shiny after using the products and the products are so luxurious.

Was there ever a time you wished you had straight hair or have you always embraced your curls?
Well when I was younger I had for the most part straight hair, it did have some body and wave, but was mainly straight. When I was 13 is when my hair started getting pretty curly! It was a rough transition, but I do like having curly hair and through the last few years I’ve really come to embrace the curls and enjoy them. It’s actually fun because I really do have a lot of versatility now and am thankful for that!

What is your personal Curly Girl hair routine?
It honestly changes quite a bit as with blogging I do test out lots of products. For the most part, it’s very simple. Shampoo + Condition. I’ve been trying to incorporate more hot oil treatments/masks. For the most part I just let my hair air dry, however if I want to get really fancy I’ll use the SmartVolume Leave -in Conditioner and WonderBalm or the Ultimate Styling Lotion.

What has been your favorite or most rewarding part of creating your blog, p.s. by Hannah Marie?
Ahhh, I honestly feel so blessed. It’s been a crazy ride, but an incredible adventure I wouldn’t trade. I have learned so much. It’s been such a rewarding experience because of all the wonderful friendships I’ve made and the fabulous brands I’ve been able to work with. Sharing my health journey, raising awareness, giving hope and encouragement to others who are also struggling has also been really incredible and it feels so rewarding seeing so many lives being changed!

Check out Hannah's EVOLVh Haircare System Breakdown video: