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Moisture Maintenance For Colder Temps

Gear up for seasonal self-care with these hair tips.  

Seasons are changing which means cute fall fashions are finally on the horizon. But colder weather can sometimes come at the price of compromising your hair and skin. With less moisture in the air, and more strength behind those wind gusts, we can get flaky and dry. The sad truth is, no matter how cautious we are of these things, only the right routine can save us from these hair woes throughout the fall and all winter long. 

East Coast: All Four Seasons 

On a majority of the east coast there really is a taste of everything: crisp fall air and changing leaves, blankets of snow in the winter, blooming flowers in spring, and blisteringly hot and humid summers. 

This means, our hair needs to be treated as such too: ever-changing. With the transition of seasons, sometimes our scalp can get confused, which is why it's important to implement a scalp massage to scrub away excess dead skin. We don’t always think of it that way, but our scalp is really a lot of what we’re working to keep healthy in order for our hair to be happy!

Luckily, all of our shampoos are moisturizing and make for a great DIY scalp massage (something we should all be doing every time we shower) and our leave-in conditioners work overtime to lock in moisture, no matter the temps outside or the amount of hot tools you expose your tresses to. 

Midwest: Freezing Cold Winters, Sizzling Hot Summers

The midwest seems to jump from one extreme to another, both of which will leave your hair in extremely dry conditions. During the winter, when it is in the single digits or even negative degrees, the best thing for your hair is to shampoo less frequently and do a deep treatment mask once a week. Some extra tender love and care is definitely the answer here. 

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West Coast: Pretty Consistent Year Round

The crashing of the waves in the distance, palm trees lining the streets, what more could you ask for? If you’re a surfer beach babe year round, make sure you’re using a re-hydrating shampoo and conditioner to repair the drying salt water that engulfs your hair. It can also be super dry in California (hence wildfires) so anything to reinforce hydration is always a must. 

If you’re already using an all-natural shampoo and conditioner, and not skipping the crucial third leave-in-conditioner step, AND using UltraRepair once a week (or mixed in with your conditioner when you shower) - kuddos to you! But, don’t forget that many styling products out there can be drying and/or cause buildup. Opt instead for our incredible styling superstars that multi-task to achieve the look you want while providing the protection and moisture you need. 

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Obviously, not all the locales in these regions have synced weather patterns, but hopefully these tips can help you tailor your regimen based on similar weather near you. Now go and enjoy all the coziness and beauty fall has to offer, wherever you are!