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The Benefits Of Clean Styling Products

Make way for clean ingredient styling products that not only perform, but nourish and protect hair from environmental damage and other stresses that we expose our hair to. The added benefit? Choosing clean allows us to do something positive for the environment by supporting the elimination of harsh chemical use in personal care products.

When choosing styling products, look for options without parabens or pthalates (which are known endocrine disruptors), and those without petrolatum, mineral oils, or silicones (which can cause buildup and contribute to dry and brittle hair). Opt instead for natural and plant-based ingredients that are healthy for you and the environment. For us at EVOLVh and many others, cruelty-free is also at the top of our list of priorities! But all this doesn’t mean you need to give up performance - you can still get simplified hair care with game-changing multi-tasking products. To this end, EVOLVh is committed to using only the highest quality powerful proven-performance active ingredients for a quicker routine using as few products as possible.

Because your time is precious, and so are your locks, each of our styling products serves a unique purpose (with no overlap). SuperFinish, Ultimate & TotalControl each perform specific tasks and have a different application and level of hold (ranked from least to most below), while WonderBalm has two modes: curly or straight (each is broken down in the last section of this post).


Hold Level: Very Light

The Look: Smooth & Sleek

SuperFinish delivers brilliant shine while moisturizing and protecting without being greasy or adding weight - an incredible alternative to oils. Bye frizz. See ya later flyaways!

How To Use It: Apply to damp hair when air-drying, otherwise use it on dry hair after blow-drying and/or flat-ironing to smooth and polish for a sleek look.

"I simply love EVOLVh’s SuperFinish Polishing Balm and can't live without it! It is such a great product. I have short, very thick hair and this product is perfect, it doesn’t weigh down my hair like most products do, it is light and smells great! Thanks for another awesome product!" —Cindy, Real Life #EVOLVher

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Hold Level: Medium

The Look: 5-In-One Multi-Tasker

This multi-tasking lightweight 5-in-one botanical formula truly does everything: creates volume, holds style, de-frizzes, adds shine, or defines curls into smooth ringlets.

How To Use It: When styling for fullness and volume, apply from the roots out and blow dry hair off the scalp. For curly hair, apply sparingly from roots to mid-length and add slightly more product from mid-length to ends for beautiful, smooth ringlets. For air dried hair, let it sink in for a minute before styling as usual. 

"Whether I put it on my damp or dry hair it works amazing. It keeps my hair smooth and soft and less prone to tangling. It's very light, so since I don't wash my hair but once or twice a week, it still feels light no matter how much I apply it. It doesn't have a gross stiff buildup. My favorite!!" —Andrea, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tip: Apply to dry hair between washes to refresh lifeless locks without adding weight or stiffness. —B

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Hold Level: Strongest

The Look: Voluminous

TotalControl adds fullness and bounce to create gorgeous waves and curls or gives volume to straight styles when used with a blow dryer/flat iron. Though it’s our strongest hold product, it still feels virtually weightless and leaves hair soft, shiny and without frizz. Its amazing memory powers preserve your look for days without falling flat or losing texture.

How To Use It: For volume, apply to damp hair from the roots to ends. For maximum lift, blow-dry hair off the scalp and use a round brush technique for smoothness and lift. For curly hair, apply to wet hair from root to ends, then use fingers to form the ringlet shape you desire and let air dry.

"You don't have to use a lot to get soft, shiny, perfectly formed curls that feel healthy because they are not weighed down with chemicals. I'm asked all the time what products I use and I'm happy to share the name EVOLVh!" —Michelle, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tip: Maximize volume by pairing with SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner. —B

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The Look: Gorgeous Waves & Curls

The first silicone-free product of its kind with performance that will amaze - soft, touchable, bouncy curls with brilliant frizz-free shine. This highly concentrated balm acts as a serum, but is weightless and leaves no residue. Perfect curls without stickiness or crunch await!

How To Use It: Initially apply 1 pump to wet or dry hair, roots to ends. Then adjust number of pumps according to length of hair and definition required. Shape using fingers into desired curl or wave pattern.

“Wow! This stuff is the BOMB! Or should I say BALM? I surf almost everyday, in my middle age years and my hair is dry and wavy. If any moisture is in the air, my hair gets that ugly frizzy look. Now thanks to WonderBalm my hair looks amazing, feels great and I get compliments often. I love this stuff and will always use it. No more buns or ponytails. I highly recommend it.” —Valerie, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tip: For optimal results, always apply SmartStart or SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner to damp hair just before using WonderBalm. For particularly unruly curls or those wanting more hold, use WonderBalm as a serum and cocktail a ¼ to ½ pump with either Ultimate or TotalControl. —B


The Look: Sleek & Smooth Straightened Hair

Though it’s called “Magic for Curls”, WonderBalm is also a miraculous smoothing and straightening serum that delivers the sleekest styles when used with a blowdryer and/or flat iron. No wonder we refer to it as our unicorn product!

How To Use It: Apply to wet or dry hair, roots to ends before blowdrying and/or flat ironing straight. Lightning fast, it will cut your blowdry time in half!

“I like my hair to be straight. I have a flat iron but I do not like to use it too often. WonderBalm is amazing. When I use it before blowdrying my hair is straight and soft!” —Ellen, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tip: Because it’s so highly concentrated, a little truly goes a long way! —B

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