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Smarter & Cleaner Body Care With Maximum Efficacy

When it comes to beauty products, the savviest consumers now demand amazing results without having to compromise when it comes to clean ingredients and responsible and sustainable practices. Though for many this journey begins with skincare and cosmetics, it eventually leads to the search for better haircare and body products, a natural progression given the mind, body and spirit connection. While natural and clean body care offerings have become more widely available, they are not all created equal. The best options will offer unbeatable efficacy that promotes anti-aging, hydration, and the minimization of scars and blemishes, while leaving your skin simply aglow. But what exactly should we be looking for?

Your first step is to read the labels and opt for products that deliver healthy skin using plant butters and oils without the infamous “nasties” like sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, and petrolatum. You’ll especially want to avoid toxins that can cause our planet harm when rinsed down the drain.

While we got our start in haircare, we believe the EVOLVh name not only gives us license to change, but demands it from us - and we love to deliver on this promise. So it’s only fitting then that we’ve recently launched a set of new products that represent the further evolution of our company - the SmartBody Wash, Lotion & Butter are the continuation of our mission to bring you life-enhancing formulations that combine the very best of health, science, and sustainability and are rooted in our total obsession with healthy, happy hair (and bodies) for all.

The formulation and efficacy of each these new products is incredible and we can’t wait for you to try them as they will stimulate and inspire a multi-sensory experience and deliver the very visible results EVOLVh is legendary for. Get to know each of them below!




SmartBody Wash

This luxurious sulfate-free foam gently cleanses and hydrates while infusing essential nutrients deep into your skin resulting in a moisturized, smooth, and radiant appearance. Pure bliss for your skin and senses!

"I’ve been using 'natural', cruelty-free body soaps for several years now, but have found they still strip the moisture from your skin, and the scent can often be a little funky. I’ve tried so many different brands and the SmartBody wash is the first body wash I’ve found that is truly gentle, moisturizes and has a pleasing scent, yet feels so clean. It’s my go-to body wash now and I’m ordering more because I would hate to run out!" —Leslie, Real Life #EVOLVher

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SmartBody Lotion

Say hello to supreme hydration! This ultra-moisturizing lotion deeply penetrates skin and is packed with essential nutrients that help defy aging - resulting in your smoothest, silkiest, and softest skin ever.

“Hydrating and light. I just bought this and the best part about it is knowing that I'm putting healthy ingredients on my skin! It's not sticky or greasy, and feels like a little bit of luxury after showering.” —Jamie, Real Life #EVOLVher

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SmartBody Butter

The ultimate skin moisturizing and repair treatment. A high concentration of unrefined shea butter provides maximum anti-aging, hydration, and anti-inflammatory benefits (and yes, it has been used for centuries for these properties). This butter also contains vitamins A and E and highly effective essential fatty acids. Reach for it when nothing less than crème de la crème results will do!

“Yummmm! This stuff is luscious, smells great and absorbs quickly, so no greasy feel afterwards. A little goes a long way. I use it everyday, but each time I use it, I feel like I’ve given myself a special treat.” —Leslie, Real Life #EVOLVher

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We’re so excited about our foray into bodycare, but of course hair is our first love. The EVOLVh difference? Our inside-out approach and unique formulations!

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