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The Products Our Staff Can't Live Without

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got self-love and therefore self-care on the brain. We have a special post planned for you all next week (hint: it features self-love tips from bloggers we love), but in the meantime we’ve tapped our very own EVOLVh team for the products their self-care routines absolutely could not do without. Read on to get to know our crew and the products that work just as hard as they do!

“TotalControl has been my holy grail styling product for 9+ years. It was one of our original products at launch (Dec. 7, 2009) and of the 3,300+ days since, there have probably been only 2 days total that it wasn’t in my hair. Why I continue to be so madly in love with this product is because it gives my hair the exact volume and shape I want, but without feeling any product in my hair. My hair stays clean, soft and touchable, and it keeps working the second and third day if I don’t wash my hair. Its performance is absolutely astonishing. To be completely blown away every single day by your own product for over years is kind of mind boggling, even to me!”

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I’m absolutely amazed at what WonderBalm does for my hair. My curls are now defined and held together, smooth and soft (no crunch) without frizz, and I have flexibility in style, can blow my bangs out straight, and use it every day without build up. It truly is magical.”

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“My go-to EVOLVh products are the UltraShine Shampoo & Conditioner, and SmartStart. I wash my hair about 3 times a week with UltraShine, and use SmartStart every day. I love UltraShine because of the user experience (the scent, and because it rinses out so easily - I have a lot of hair and many shampoos take forever to rinse away) and the results (happy, healthy hair). I can’t live without SmartStart  - especially on days when I do not wash my hair!”

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“SmartVolume is my favorite as I use it instead of traditional conditioner. With very fine hair it gives me the volume and texture that I love, without weighing my hair down.”

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"My favorite product is the SmartColor Shampoo because it has saved my hair from becoming dry a few weeks after I dye it! It has truly changed the feel of my hair and my color now lasts much longer than before!!”

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“I love SuperFinish because it’s the finishing touch that brings my curls together. It’s my fave product, hands down!”

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Ready to dedicate this month to self-love and step up your self-care routine?!

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