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Which EVOLVh Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Is Right For Me?

If there are products we are most known for it's our shampoos and conditioners. The experience is unlike any other products in the world and they will likely become your lifetime faves and "go-to's" for their amazing performance, fresh clean scent, and most importantly, for how smooth, soft and healthy your hair looks and feels after every use. ...Oh, and also for the crazy amount of compliments you'll receive on how great your hair looks - this part is seriously for real! 


Ideal For: All Hair Types

UltraShine is designed to be an every day shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. It's as luxurious as it is effective. It's super power is how light-weight it is while still being extremely hydrating making it an ideal choice for fine hair. 

“I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner! I tried the deluxe sample sizes and after finishing those I bought the Healthy Hair Trio that includes the leave-in conditioner spray - after several months of use and loving how the products make my hair look shiny, feel soft and smooth, and smell nice, I’ve decided to upgrade to the liter size!! This was an investment, but I only need to use a few pumps each time I wash. The shampoo gets foamy which can be hard to find in a natural shampoo, and I really enjoy the thicker, creamy feel of the conditioner. Both smell lovely, a nice fresh scent!” Taylor, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tips:

Happy, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp so make sure to include a deep scalp massage when you wash. 

Our conditioners are absorbed by hair and when applying remember that less is often more when it comes to the amount of product you use. To optimize performance, keep a wide tooth comb in your shower and comb the conditioner through your strands when applying.


Ideal For: Wavy Or Curly Hair

SmartCurl is like UltraShine but optimized for curly and textured hair for even more moisture and hydration.

"My curls are so happy! I have spent the last decade trying to find a decent shampoo and conditioner for my curls. These products are revolutionary! You don't need very much and my hair is so soft, less frizzy and my curls are very defined. Even my husband is addicted to this stuff! So happy to finally find a shampoo and conditioner that works!" —Emily, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tip: To help make curly hair less reactive to humidity, use our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque in place of the SmartCurl Conditioner every third wash day. 


*Ideal For: Color-Treated Hair Of Any Type And Texture

The key to protecting your color investment is to choose the right shampoo and conditioner that will moisturize and gently cleanse. 

SmartColor gently cleanses color treated hair and increases color retention for extended peak color vibrancy by infusing vital nutrients including essential amino acids deep into every strand. These ingredients play a key role in helping hair to retain color pigment and reduce fading. 

“Soft hair AND color protection - YES! This is my new desert island product duo! I have long, thick, wavy hair that frizzes easily and this tames it beautifully. The lather is light and doesn't strip while the scent is an intoxicating citrus. The conditioner is ultra moisturizing and really helps to define my curls and keeps my ends from feeling dry. I find that I only need to wash my hair twice a week and I always look forward to it now! I love that the products are non-toxic and gluten-free. So happy I found this line. Thank you for making these amazing green products!” —Elaine, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tip: Many salon colorists use UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque as a pre-color treatment and you can do the same at home. For beautiful, longer lasting color and hair that's protected against damage, simply masque with UltraRepair within 24 hours before coloring and don't rinse it out. Leave the masque in and dry your hair as normal, then color. Your improved coloring results will astound you (and your stylists). 


*Ideal For: For Fine Hair That Gets Oily Fast

InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment + Elixir is a first ever two-step system that eliminates the need for an in-shower cream conditioner, to reduce weight and oiliness for supreme all-day volume and even beautiful, voluminous 2nd day hair. 

"I am so glad that I tried this new InstaVolume Shampoo and Elixir duo. I didn't realize how flat my hair was, but now that I've tried this product, it's amazing how much more volume and body it gives my hair. I also like that it keeps my fine, oily hair feeling cleaner for longer. I have officially converted to forever using InstaVolume! Thank you EVOLVh for making products that are all natural and highly functional." —Jasmine, Real Life #EVOLVher

Pro Tip: For hair below the  shoulders, apply UltraShine Moisture Conditioner on your ends for added moisture.