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Serious Results With Our RootBoost Serum

We created the Better Roots products collection to not only address female hair loss, but, even more importantly - to support hair longevity. Job one is to help you keep the beautiful strands you already have healthy, strong, and for longer. 

As the saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Never truer than with your hair and scalp thanks to recent advancements in biochemistry from nature, that you can now have at your fingertips with our Better Roots products. 

These are the most advanced products for scalp health and hair longevity and are truly the evolution of scalp and hair care. 

We believe that these products should be the foundation of everyone’s hair care regimen to achieve the healthiest hair you can have and with maximum longevity, with the RootBoost Serum being the most important topical in the collection. 

To make this extra easy we’ve launched the RootBoost Serum 3-Pack – with a 25% savings compared to purchasing them individually. Each bottle is designed to last for 45-60 days worth of daily use, so three bottles is a 4 to 6 month supply, and just the right amount of time to begin seeing significant results if increased regrowth is a primary concern. Benefits for scalp and reduced shedding will be noticeable much sooner.


  • If your goal is increased hair regrowth, apply the serum daily.
  • If you have enough hair to share with your bestie, but you want to improve and maintain a healthy scalp and ensure hair longevity - we recommend a minimum baseline of applying the serum after each time you wash your hair or at least twice per week.

Check out these results from some of our EVOLVhers:

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