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Better Roots - The New Standard For Scalp Care

The evolution of scalp care is here and it's called, Better Roots. Healthy hair really does begin at the root, and this 100% clean collection contains the world's most advanced clinically proven plant-derived active ingredients for stronger, healthier, fuller hair.  

Our Better Roots collection consists of two topicals, a serum and an oil, plus a nutraceutical supplement. All three products are powerful on their own and are even better when used together. The serum plus supplement is our most popular recommended combination, resulting in a powerful inside and out holistic approach to hair and scalp wellness.

The most ideal time to add Better Roots to your routine is before you really need it. The active ingredients in Better Roots extend the longevity of hair, protecting against hair loss and thinning, and even slowing or preventing graying.

If you are already experiencing excessive shedding and thinning, increased brittleness, or general hair loss, the Better Roots products will help you have the best chance to reverse the clock without the use of drugs such as minoxidil or finasteride to regain healthy regrowth over time, while extending the overall health and vitality of your hair for decades into the future. 
RootBoost Serum - The Scalp Superhero

This serum contains 10 clinically-proven active ingredients for stimulating hair follicle cells and improving the health and function of scalp skin cells. The actives work synergistically to support protein and melanin synthesis, the cellular processes which create hair and its pigment. 

The serum formula is oil-free, fragrance-free, quick to absorb and leaves no residue on hair, making it a joy to apply and leaves the scalp feeling immediately soothed and nourished - a feeling that becomes extremely addicting in the best way possible. 


Scalp + Hair Oil


The oil is equally beneficial for both hair and scalp. As a hair oil, it will likely be the most effective and exquisite oil you have ever used

For the scalp, the most important thing to note is that this is an oil and unlike RootBoost Serum, it will not instantly disappear into the skin and it will leave oil on hair. It's luscious and delicious, but if you prefer a scalp product that you will not notice on the scalp or in your hair after applying, then we strongly recommend using only the serum. But if you do enjoy oils, then you have truly struck gold with this product.

The oil contains six clinically-proven active ingredients for stimulating hair follicle cells and improving the health and vitality of scalp skin cells, and just as with our serum, the active ingredients work synergistically to support the cellular processes which result in healthy hair regrowth.  

The oil is supremely effective for nourishing hair with deep hydration and moisture, and to protect hair from damage due to UV, heat styling, and other external and environmental factors. Plus it leaves hair looking absolutely gorgeous.


RootBoost Complex Nutraceutical Supplement 

The RootBoost Complex contains the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are needed by our cells to perform protein synthesis which creates hair, plus AnaGain™ Nu, a clinically proven active ingredient derived from organic pea sprouts that stimulates follicle cells to promote healthy hair regrowth and extend the overall hair lifecycle. The recommended daily dose is just one small capsule.


Quality and Sustainability 

Every ingredient in our Better Roots collection is meticulously vetted and sourced for efficacy, purity, and environmental impact. Nearly every ingredient is either Certified Organic, COSMOS or ECOCERT approved, which are the highest recognized standards of clean cosmetic formulation across the globe.
We are extremely proud and honored to bring Better Roots to you, and we hope you will enjoy and benefit from them for many years to come.