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Consistency is Key: 5 Tips for Maintaining A Healthy Scalp and Hair Routine

When it comes to nurturing your scalp and enhancing the health of your hair with Better Roots, there's one golden rule: consistency is your best friend. Establishing new habits can be a challenge, but fear not – we're here to guide you with easy-to-adopt habits to seamlessly integrate Better Roots into your daily routine so you stay on track and watch your scalp and strands thrive.

1. Sound The Alarm ⏰
Stay on top of your Better Roots routine with the help of daily reminders! Set up an alarm or use a reminder app on your phone to make sure you never miss a day. It's like having a personal haircare assistant in your pocket!

2. Piggyback on Existing Habits 🫧
Integrating Better Roots seamlessly into your routine is all about association. Pair it with an activity you already do consistently, like washing your face. Place your Better Roots bottle(s) alongside your face wash or other skincare essentials. This visual cue will serve as a gentle nudge to apply it during your morning or evening regimen.

3. Utilize Visible Cues 👀
Out of sight, out of mind - they say. To counter this, make sure your Better Roots bottle(s) is placed in a location you frequent daily. Whether it's your bedside table or bathroom counter, having it in plain view will serve as a constant reminder. This visual cue will reinforce your commitment to nurturing your scalp and hair.

4. Create A Ritual 💆‍♀️
Transform your daily routine into a cherished ritual. Enhance the experience by creating a serene atmosphere with dimmed lights, soothing music, or moments of mindfulness. One of our favorite rituals is incorporating a gentle scalp massage. Not only does it relax your mind, but it also helps improve blood flow to your hair follicles, resulting in healthier hair growth.

5. Buddy Up 👯‍♀️
Find an accountability partner who shares your goal of developing a new habit. Regular check-ins and mutual support can be invaluable in maintaining your commitment to maintaining a new habit. Go team! 

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