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Holiday Season Travel Hacks 

Don't take off without these tips!

It's beginning to look a lot like... winter and holiday travel time. Traffic, flight delays, baggage fees, missed connections, hotel booking mix-ups, dead phone batteries, jet-lag, dehydration - you name it, we've been there. But, we've learned from our past mistakes and are here with a roundup of hacks to hopefully help you avoid some of the nightmare inducing pitfalls of traveling during the most wonderful busy time of the year. Heed our advice and you'll be jingling all the way to your destination in comfort and joy! 


Avoid peak travel dates. Though it's not always possible with work schedules and coordinating several family members, this will pay off - literally. 

Shop around for the best deals. Holiday travel gets pricey FAST, so do your due diligence and spend that money on gifts and/or actually enjoying your time off. 

Allow extra time for EVERYTHING. Trust us, you'll thank us later.


Invest in hard shell luggage. Winter weather is not your friend when it comes to packing - protect your delicates and everything else with a suitcase that won't get crushed, damaged, or soaked. 

Get organized with packing cubes. This is literally the easiest way to optimize the space in your bags and keep things tidy upon arrival.  

Double check baggage allowances. Airlines are getting stricter and sneakier with fees and restrictions so assume nothing and be prepared. 

Keep gifts unwrapped until you get there. TSA is likely to open up wrapped gifts/packages, so save yourself the trouble and waste and bring gift wrap with you to put the finishing touches on once you've reached your destination. 

Think about accessibility. For road trips - make sure you have a first aid kit handy and pack your trunk with a change of footwear, extra socks, and warmer or cooler layers if you're changing climates. Keep an umbrella inside your car (not the trunk) and don't forget the healthy snacks to avoid extra stops and poor choices due to limited healthy options. Same goes for flying - make sure your essentials are in your carry-on and not in your suitcase. 

Don't compromise on your products. Almost our entire range is available in TSA-friendly sizes so there's no need to swap your essentials when you travel. Plus our Discovery Kits bundle up your go-to's (at a value price, no less) to make packing a breeze!

Pro tip: save the mini bottles to refill from your full sizes and liters for a lasting eco-friendly travel solution. 


You knew this one was coming and of course no list of ours would be complete without some self-care tips!

Here's a list of recommended items to bring along to ensure you're comfortable for the duration of your flight:

- Pashmina/Travel Blanket

- Cozy Socks

- Ear-Plugs and/or Noise-Cancelling Headphones

- Eye Mask

- Eye Drops

- Saline Spray

- A Face Oil/Moisturizer

- Lip Balm

- Hand Cream/A General Balm

Bonus: Don't forget the SPF - many people don't think about this, but, if you're flying during the day you're actually closer to the sun and will need protection from those stronger rays. And whether you're skiing/snowboarding, hiking, or just walking around town, don't ignore winter sun. SPF should be a 365-days-a-year staple!

Whatever you do on the plane - please, please HYDRATE. A good rule of thumb is about eight ounces of water for every hour you're in the air. Just try to book an aisle seat and use those bathroom breaks as an excuse to stretch out - you'll be a much happier camper upon landing and over the days to come if you do. 

Safe travels and happy holidays, EVOLVhers!