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New Trend Alert: The 'Faux-Out'

The "faux-out" is a 90's-inspired method for achieving a salon-level voluminous blowout, but with fewer products and in less time. Not to be confused with the early 2000’s faux-hawk à la David Beckham. No, this is Cindy Crawford-esque volume. We’re thinking Topanga from Boy Meets World, Cher from Clueless, and a bit of Rachel from Friends.

Why are we loving this style so much? It requires much less heat than a typical blowout as it focuses on the ends of your hair and doesn’t require every inch to be curled. Less heat is always a win for healthy, happy hair. It’s also fairly simple. It’s not one of those hairstyles with a bunch of vague steps that leaves you with a frizzy mess and wondering what you did wrong. You’re likely to love the first attempt, and once you find your favorite method - you’ll be hooked. 

Let’s jump in to how to get this easier-than-it-looks style you’re likely seeing all over TikTok and on your favorite celebs. We’re pleased to announce that it doesn’t feel like an intense arm workout and only requires having a few things on hand. 

First, here’s what you might need… 


Curling iron (preferably with a clamp) 

Or a flat iron


Claws or clips for sectioning

Buildable-hold hairspray (shoutout UltraFlex)

Recommended For Extra Volume:

Velcro rollers

Duckbill pins

First up is TikToker, Dacey Cash, who shows us her version of the faux-out that’s focused on styling the very ends of your hair. She first uses heat protection (our leave-ins work great for this), sections her hair, and brushes through before wrapping her ends in a large barrel curling iron and releasing after just a few seconds. For a boost of volume we love her idea of using velcro rollers just on the very top pieces. 


@daceycash faux blowout (it’s faster than a regulR one) #fakeblowout #fauxblowout #blowouthair #hairtutorial #TikTokPartner #tiktoktaughtme ♬ original sound - Dacey Cash


If you’re like Dacey and don’t typically like the feeling of hairspray, then our UltraFlex Hairspray might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. It has a flexible, buildable hold and doesn’t leave your hair with the crunchy feeling of other hairsprays. Not to mention it’s toxin-free.

Next up is a creator with a unique approach that may save you some extra minutes and even allow for a bit of multi-tasking. Anna Stubbs achieves the faux-out look with this ponytail technique.


@annastubbshair Trying out the viral faux blow dry it makes a bouncy blow dry take minutes and looks like a professional blow out. This is looks like a 90s blow out especially if you have lots of layers try this as an alternative to the airwrap blowout #fauxblowout #bouncyblowout #blowouttutorial #viralhairtrend ♬ Hold Me Closer - Elton John & Britney Spears


If you don’t have pins like Anna then you can also keep the loops in place with bobby pins while they cool. Or substitute for velcro rollers if you have them.

Next up, we have Lani Baker Randol, who shows us that this is all still possible if you only have access to a flat iron or just prefer styling with one. We love her version especially for those who have lots of layers in their hair. 


@lani.baker Replying to @barbs1996 Fake blowout tutorial 💇🏼‍♀️ #hair #hairtutorial #blowout #90shair #jenniferaniston ♬ original sound - Lani Baker Randol


“If my life depended on it I would not be able to give myself a blowout,” Lani says. “The hair dryer in one hand, the roller brush in the other…it’s never going to happen for me.” Thus the true genius of the faux-out — no hidden talents or feeling like you need to grow a third arm to be able to achieve salon-quality results. 

Last but not least, loyal EVOLVher Lauren White recently did her own take on this trend with our very own UltraFlex as the secret ingredient. 



Plus, don’t miss her important hair roller tip. Be sure your ends are smooth when you place them onto the roller so you don’t end up with any creases.

Pro Tips: 

#1 Hair retains the shape it cools in, so if you have fine hair or strands that rarely hold a curl, hair rollers will be your best friend. Simply roll the hair onto one after styling and let cool for at least a few minutes.

#2 Prep hair with a volumizing product before you start to ensure your style keeps the extra oomph you’re desiring a lot longer. We recommend our InstaVolume Volumizing Mousse. It’s formulated with plant-based ingredients including tapioca and flax, known for their unique ability to volumize hair naturally, plus rice bran and lecithin to smooth the hair's surface and impart internal hydration, while eliminating frizz and flyaways.

#3 Set your style with our alcohol-free working hairspray. It has a fast-drying, strong, and flexible hold that leaves hair feeling clean and soft, never crunchy, and with brilliant shine.

We can’t wait to see you try this 90's voluminous trend. Don’t forget to tag @EVOLVh so we can praise your style and share it with the #EVOLVher community!