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#HairGoals With Delilah Of Holistic Enchilada

The "holistic living on a budget" maven spills all!

For the second installment of our “#HAIRGOALS WITH…” interview series, we chatted with Delilah of Holistic Enchilada. We cover her blog, her wellness advice, and all things “holistic on a budget” so you’ll want to keep reading. She even shares her curly girl routine video (scroll to bottom) - as a devoted EVOLVher, it’s no surprise that six out of the seven steps feature our products!

What first inspired you to start your holistic journey?

Really I had several incidents where doctors treated me like a number and didn’t really want to help me, so I had to take matters into my own hands and figure out how to help myself get better. One year I had recurrent UTIs every month and the doctor put me on a prophylactic

antibiotic because “there’s really nothing else we could do.” I did a ton of research and found D-mannose and changed my diet which ended the infections. I really started seeing things differently and researched everything. That all brought me to where I am today.

What do you hope readers get out of your blog, Holistic Enchilada?

I hope that they can see that changing to a more holistic lifestyle is within reach for everyone. I want them to know it’s not difficult, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s not an all or nothing lifestyle. Big and small changes are welcome and celebrated.

Your blog's tagline is "Holistic Living On A Budget" - what have been some of the biggest challenges associated with opting for natural/sustainable while keeping things affordable?

Definitely access to affordable ready-made products that actually work and low cost lifestyle ideas. Most of the popular brands are expensive and it seemed like every natural living blogger had a lot more discretionary income than I did. I had a hard time finding affordable cleaning products at local stores and online retailers and didn’t have the time or patience for DIY recipes. I also had to get past the typical holistic lifestyle recipe of regular chiropractor visits, juicing, supplements, and holistic doctors because again, those things are expensive. I learned I didn’t need any of those things to live more holistically.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out on their own wellness path?

Do your research because there is a lot of misinformation and fear-mongering in the wellness community. Also, take things one step at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Small changes are better than no changes at all.

What's your hair type and which EVOLVh products do you recommend to other people with this type of hair?

I have wavy and curly (2b-3a) high porosity, low density hair. It’s very thin and flat so I struggle to get volume. It also gets weighed down very easily. I recommend the SmartCurl or UltraShine line, SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner, TotalControl Styling Creme, and WonderBalm.

*Delilah’s routine is outlined in the video below!

How, if at all, does your environment affect your hair? Do you have any tips on how to control these environmental factors?

I live in Miami which has high dew points and humidity year round. There is always so much water in the air and with high porosity hair it just soaks it up and frizzes if I don’t style it correctly. I’ve found that using a leave-in conditioner and styling products with hold help my curls stay frizz free, shiny, and defined. I also learned not to wash and style my hair on rainy days. It’s a bit difficult here because it rains almost every day so I usually wash at night so that by the morning it has set and is much less likely to be affected by the weather.

Lastly, what's the key to keeping curls defined and voluminous?

Following the Curly Girl Method has helped so much with definition and volume. Styling my hair in the shower before drying was something that sounded insane but really helped my curls form and set into actual curls and not just frizzy waves. Styling upside down and diffusing has been my secret to volume. My curls are actually soft and defined, which I used to think was impossible.

For you personally, why is it so important to be conscious of which ingredients you put onto your hair and skin?

I think we are bombarded by so many unhealthy ingredients on a daily basis from our food and personal care products to the environment, that all those small exposures build up over time, so I care the most about the products that I use on a daily basis, like skin and hair care.

Check out Delilah’s curly girl routine video featuring her favorite EVOLVh products: | @holisticenchilada