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Destination: Summer Travel Haircare

Memorial Day Weekend means that the summer season is in full swing, so we know that many of you are packing your bags and heading out of town. But not so fast... seasonal hair woes are imminent and travel only increases the culprits and concerns. Luckily, we're here to save those tresses from summer trip stresses. Whether you're venturing near or far, planning a mini staycation or an extended journey - we've got all the essential summer travel haircare tips you'll need to heed before you depart.

Plan Ahead

If you're due for a cut or trim - be sure to book that appointment before you set sail. Removing any damage or split ends ahead of time will ensure your hair is healthier and more cooperative during your vaca AND save you from adding to the damage while you're away.

This is also a great time to do an at-home treatment like our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque - which is reparative for hair that has been compromised by color or bleach processing, heat styling, or environmental factors - especially wind and winter weather or sun and salt/pool water. It’s highly effective for smoothing coarse, curly, or frizz-prone hair and protecting it from breakage, dehydration, tangles, and split ends.

Feeling bold and thinking of switching up your color prior to travel? Here's our Pro Tip: use UltraRepair as a pre-color treatment for beautiful, longer lasting color without the damage - simply apply the masque on the day you color and don’t rinse it out!

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Amp Up The Moisture

Switch to more moisturizing shampoos and conditioners during the summer and particularly for travel. AKA - bring your own because the hotel's options likely won't be all-natural and are rarely moisturizing enough. When hair is more moisturized it will help reinforce its structure, making it stronger and more resilient against the sun. Moisture also buffers the dehydrating effects of the sun which is key because prolonged exposure to both the sun's heat and radiation will dry out your hair, in much the same way repeated use of a blow dryer, straightening iron, or curling iron will.

Most importantly - don't skip the third step. If your hair is constantly under the heat of the sun or in-between swimming sessions, it’s important to keep it moisturized to combat those drying activities. Try one of our best-selling Leave-In Conditioners to keep your locks quenched all day long no matter what it brings. SmartStart is suitable for all hair types, while SmartVolume provides added thickness, SmartCurl was specifically formulated for you wavy, curly, and kinky girls, and our latest addition, InstaVolume, is great for those with oilier hair that is in need of a boost.

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Use Protection

Our 3rd step, as we refer to it, aka our leave-in conditioners, are somewhat magical as they provide long lasting impact on your hair including locking in moisture, a priority for keeping your hair healthy and preventing sun damage, plus natural heat and UV protection. Additionally, all of our stylers include the same UV protection, making them the perfect finishing touch for your hair routine all year round.

During peak sun hours, noon to early afternoon when the sun is highest in the sky and the most intense, your best bet is to stay out of the sun altogether. Your hair, like your skin, is going to be happier when you don’t bake it in the sun during this time of day.

You'll also want to make sure to wear a hat. Bonus points for opting for a covering with UV protection built in.

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Pare It Down
Take this time to simplify your routine and focus on being present and making the most of your excursion. Luckily, our styling products are ideal for those fuss-free summer days and nights when a few pumps and an air dry is all you need.

WonderBalm and SuperCurl will tame those waves, curls, and kinks into submission and fight frizz so you can set it and forget it and just let nature do its thing. While our InstaVolume Mousse is perfect for giving hold and definition to all hair types while enhancing your natural texture.

If a pony, topknot, low bun, or updo is more your style - you'll want to reach for SuperFinish Polishing Balm to smooth flyaways and baby hairs.

Lastly, especially in hot and humid climates, you'll want to set everything in place with our UltraFlex Hairspray which can be used on wet and/or dry hair. It also doubles as a natural dry shampoo alternative - a must-have for travel. We basically have a travel size of it in our bag at all times.
Pack Smart
Did you know that almost ALL of our products (stylers included) are available in TSA-approved travel size bottles? Simply select the "2oz" option from the product page to save room in your bag for an extra pair of shoes (that you probably won't wear) or those hot new summer reads (that you probably won't open) .

For an eco-friendly bonus - be sure to save the travel bottles to refill from the full sizes every time you travel!

If you need to pack your full routine, our Discovery Kits are the answer. Each solution-based kit includes the four essential products you'll need to follow our signature regimen:

Step 1: Cleanse with shampoo.
Step 2: Treat with conditioner.
Step 3: Protect with leave-in conditioner.
Step 4: Style with a styler or replenish with the UltraRepair Masque.

Safe and happy travels! Send us a postcard and tag @EVOLVh & #EVOLVher ✈️