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Healthy Color Treated Hair - Yes, It’s Possible

New hair color can be an exciting, dare we say even life-altering change. Whether you’re itching to find out if blondes do indeed have more fun, trying to cover up some grays, considering face framing balayage for spring/summer, taking a long-feared but finally oh-so-right color risk, or anything in between, you’ll want to heed our advice for maintaining your investment and keeping that color vibrant and your locks healthy and happy for as long as possible. No matter your experience/expertise level, both first-time and frequent hair dye-ers can benefit from these simple yet crucial tips!

Use Sulfate-Free & Non-Toxic Shampoo & Conditioner

Not all hair products are created equal for hair color. Harsh ingredients can result in premature fading. To avoid damage or stripping of your hair color, look for color safe products, or those formulated for color treated hair.  

All of our shampoos and conditioners are color safe, but we've created SmartColor specifically for dyed and bleached hair. 

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Turn Down The Temperature

Stick to lukewarm or cool water whenever possible! Hot water opens the cuticle allowing the color to seep out which results in faded color.  

Shampoo Less Frequently

Even if you’ve found a great color safe shampoo & conditioner duo, consider washing your hair less often. You can show off your color for much longer (meaning less salon time), if you leave it alone as much as possible. If you experience built-up oils on non-wash days, consider a light refresh (like a Leave-In Conditioner) or our UltraFlex Hairspray, which is a great alternative to dry shampoo that doesn't leave hair dull or covered in residue.

Protection, Protection & Yes, More Protection

Colored and chemically treated hair needs extra hydration and protection from the sun and hot tools. The right leave-in heat protectant spray will reduce moisture loss from inside the hair and smooth the outside of the hair, while providing heat and UV protection to shield your hair from sun induced fading.

Using heat protectant sprays and products before using hot tools is a must. Spray on from roots to ends to help seal the cuticle and prevent color from getting dull before using blow dryers, flatirons, or curling irons.   

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Prepare Your Hair Ahead Of Your Next Color Process

Did you know that our UltraRepair Masque is your color’s best friend and that top colorists treat their clients' hair with UtraRepair to ensure their color comes out perfect, while protecting strands from damage?

Here’s the quick “how-to” for better color results whether you're DIYing at home or heading to the salon:

1. Cleanse with an EVOLVh shampoo (our shampoos are free from silicone and panthenol, two notorious coating agents that stand in the way of color pigment depositing well). 

2. Apply UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque from root to ends (using a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute product is always recommended). Do not rinse out. Air dry or blow dry and then color or leave the masque on overnight and color the next day.

The key is to not rinse the masque out prior to coloring as our UltraRepair Masque contains a high concentration of an amino acid called L-Tyrosine which is a magnet for color pigment and helps color deposit evenly from root to ends, eliminating common mishaps like dark ends and banding. It also brings out the full true hue and vibrancy of the color. The outcome is a very visible improvement in home-coloring results.

Pro tip: continue to masque with UltraRepair every third wash to keep your color looking its absolute best!

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Avoid Chlorine

Though it may feel far away - pool season is in fact on the horizon, or you may be lucky enough to have a warm-weather vaca coming up even sooner. Try to wear a cap (or not submerge) if at all possible. Otherwise, our favorite little tip is to wet your hair prior to swimming (with un-chlorinated water) and spray in one of our leave-ins to create a coat of protection before taking that dip. 

Trim It Up

Even for those who don't color, every 6-8 weeks is recommended to avoid split ends and breakage, but because processed hair is more prone to dryness this is especially important for color maintenance.  

If you’re really serious about getting your hair in tip top shape - we hope you'll take advantage of our complimentary one-on-one consultations to get you started with the right routine for your unique needs - simply fill out this form or send an email to

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