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Is Your Hair Healthy? Take The Quiz.

What to look for and how to address any possible concerns.

You don't have time to waste - so let's get right to the quiz!

Does your hair seem to shed excessively?

It’s perfectly normal to lose some strands when shampooing, conditioning, brushing, and styling, but if you’re noticing more shedding than usual, you may want to consult your stylist or a doctor.

Clean, non-toxic products are super important of course, but other possible causes for excessive hair loss can include protein deficiency, anxiety and stress, hormonal issues, anemia, or more serious issues like alopecia.

Your brush, pillow case, and shower drain will be helpful indicators.

Do you have dandruff?

We all know that those frightful white flakes are annoying and unattractive, but more importantly - they’re a direct symptom of a dry scalp.

Of course, we all want shiny, beautiful locks, but don’t underestimate the importance of scalp health - it’s literally at the root (pun intended) of whether your hair is healthy and happy or not.

Opt for a clean ingredient shampoo that cleanses gently, but thoroughly and make sure to include a scalp massage (finger tips only - no nails) every time you wash.
Do you experience breakage?
Quick elasticity check: tug on a strand or two and see if it breaks or springs back to its natural form. Healthy strands can withstand some stretch without snapping.

Locks prone to breakage are typically dry, damaged, and/or overly processed and in need of some extra TLC. Reach for our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque to literally turn back the clock and undo even the harshest of damage.
Do you have split ends?
Yes, many of us are overdue for a haircut since salons have been closed, but split ends are super common and can happen at any time. Often the result of chemicals in products, excessive heat styling, and/or extreme weather, split ends appear frayed and are basically the opposite of #HairGoals.  

The fix: mask (UltraRepair is your strand savior yet again) to improve your hair’s overall appearance and to avoid future split end development. While existing split ends can’t be repaired (they must be cut off) - you can conceal them with smoothing products such as SuperFinish Polishing Balm until the time is right for a haircut.

Tips to prevent split ends:

·  Get regular haircuts and trims, every six weeks is recommended.
·  Don’t wash your hair daily. When you do wash, consider only using conditioner and skipping shampoo.
·  Choose an all-natural shampoo that doesn't contain any harsh ingredients.
·  Use a conditioner after shampooing.
·  Always use a leave-in conditioner.
·  Use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair (a leave-in conditioner will help with this as well).
·  Limit services that damage hair, such as coloring, bleaching, and chemical perms or straightening.
·  Use a heat-protective spray (such as a leave-in), and try to minimize the use of heat.
·  Take supplements that strengthen the hair, such as biotin and folic acid.

Does your hair lack shine/appear dull?
Regardless of texture, hair that has a natural sheen and seems full of luster (without oils or products that add “shine”) is universally accepted to be hair that is healthy and that’s because it’s true. Light bouncing off of locks means that the hair is smooth and the cuticles are lying flat - something we all want.

Here are some common shine stealing culprits:

· Heat styling
· Too much UV exposure
· Dry shampoo
· Hair color & bleaching
· Dandruff
· An unhealthy diet/lifestyle
Is your hair frizzy and/or doesn’t retain moisture?
Quick moisture retention check: take a couple of strands of hair and put them in a bowl of water.  Sounds strange, we know, but stay with us here. Do they float? Awesome - your hair is healthy! Do they sink to the bottom? Uh-oh - this is a sign of hair that is porous and that doesn’t hold moisture well

Hair that can’t retain moisture tends to frizz - the frizzies are strands that are literally reaching outward for moisture in the air (hence why this happens when it’s humid). Make sure to tame the frizz and lock moisture in with a leave-in conditioner and opt for styling products that multi-task to also provide protection and much-needed moisture without any buildup, greasiness, or the need for oils.

Remember - much like our skin, our hair health is directly impacted by our overall health. Following the basics like eating healthy, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and keeping stress at bay will do wonders for you inside and out. And don’t forget the beauty sleep - it’s called that for a reason and your hair will thank you!