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If You Wash Your Hair Every Day: STOP

We all know this rule… but why? 

One of the main things hair stylists urge you against is washing your hair every single day and a typical response they might receive back is “but my hair gets greasy, so I have to.” Yet in actuality, it’s getting greasy faster because it’s building a dependence on the routine of washing it everyday, so the cycle needs to be broken to get your hair back on track. 

Here’s what you need to know about washing daily:

It strips your hair of its natural oils and dries out your scalp.

Your hair needs some oil, that’s why it builds it naturally! We know looking greasy isn’t super chic, but those oils keep your scalp from drying and help maintain texture. Try opting for (a clean ingredient or DIY) dry shampoo to fend off needing a wash for one more day during the week. It strikes the appearance of grease and makes your locks manageable. Otherwise, consider co-washing (aka skipping shampoo and only using conditioner).

It makes your hair color fade faster. As Jonathon Van Ness from Queer Eye once said, “Imagine if I washed this shirt every single day. The color would not stay the same!”

When put in those terms it makes total sense, right? There are some clothes we want to keep in mint condition forever - to the point of minimizing washing them for fear of them fading. Similarly with hair - although it’s inevitable that it will fade over time, you can slow the process as much as you can by washing less frequently and only using the RIGHT color saving shampoo and conditioner.

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It dulls your shine.

Sounds kind of poetic right? Over-washing can leave your hair actually dull because it’s getting dried out with every rinse and scrub. Give your hair some time to recover! The payoff will be visible. 

Dirty hair is easier to style!

Ever go to a styling appointment before an event and they ask you not to wash your hair before? This is why! The dirtier your hair, the easier it holds heat and styling products. This could inspire you to try a new styling technique each time your hair gets dirty enough. 

It costs unnecessary time and money. 

This may seem obvious, but think about it: washing your hair every single day can be expensive and time consuming. If you only wash your hair a few times a week compared to daily, the products will last so much longer and you’ll avoid water waste. Plus, more time in the morning to hit the snooze button. 

It throws off your hair’s pH balance.

In case you’ve forgotten it from chemistry class, pH refers to the level of acidity of any substance. Because most tap water is acidic, washing your hair creates imbalance. 

It’s important to balance your hair’s pH with one of our “smart” leave-in conditioners immediately after every wash - this is the one step that will truly improve the smooth appearance of all hair types and textures. Think of it as a toner for your hair.

And if you leave yourself wondering: ok then how often should I wash my hair? We’ve got you covered here

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Vincenza Gaita
Vincenza Gaita

March 30, 2020

Makes so much sense great advice!


March 30, 2020

Question: I swim every day in a chlorinated pool and am in the habit of washing my hair after swimming. I do wear a swim cap. Any suggestions on how to best take care of my hair?

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