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Summer Lovin’ Hair Protection Tips

Say goodbye to dry, frizzy hair days and hello to beautiful beach waves.

Even though summer doesn’t technically start for another couple of weeks, we all know that Memorial Day Weekend pretty much indicates that the unofficial start of the season is here… and therefore so are higher UV levels, salt water, chlorine, and sweat.

Here are our 6 tips for how to best protect your hair during the sweltering summer months ahead:

1. Wash less frequently or co-wash. Since you don’t want to be shampooing your hair too often in the summer months, oil and sweat are bound to build up at your roots. Opting for a co-wash (rinsing with just conditioner and no shampoo) can help refresh the appearance and scent of your hair without the potentially stripping effects of a full wash. Luckily, all of our shampoos are super gentle so no need to worry when you do wash.

2. Protect your hair before swimming. Coating your hair with conditioner or a treatment like UltraRepair before going for a swim will protect it from absorbing harsh chemicals like chlorine or getting dried out from salt. It’ll also help prevent tangles!

3. Don't skip the third step. If your hair is constantly under the heat of the sun or in-between swimming sessions during the summer, it’s important to keep it moisturized to combat those drying activities. Try one of our Leave-In Conditioners to keep your locks quenched all day long no matter what it brings, built-in natural heat and the all important UV protection are an added bonus- SmartStart is suitable for all hair types, while SmartVolume provides added thickness, SmartCurl was specifically formulated for you wavy, curly, and kinky girls, and our latest addition, InstaVolume, is great for those with oilier hair that is in need of a boost. 

4. Avoid using heat to style. Your hair is subjected to enough harsh heat during the summertime - don’t put it through more by using heat styling tools. Instead, opt for one of our versatile and multi-tasking styling products, or go au naturale.

5. Protect your color. Summer and freshly dyed hair do not get along well. To keep your color bold and strong all summer long, opt for silicone-free, paraben-free, color-friendly hair products like our SmartColor Shampoo & Conditioner.

6. Wear a hat. The most effective way to protect your hair and scalp from the sun? Keep it covered up. Bonus points for a brim that's wide enough to cover your face as well.

Damage already done? Don't fret - our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque is the answer. Treat your hair and yourself to a mindful moment of self-care and reverse the damaging effects of sun, sweat, and sand!