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Green On The Go

Reduce your footprint wherever your summer travels take you.

With Memorial Day weekend almost upon us, things starting to open up, and travel becoming safer and more feasible - it’s officially beach trip and summer travel season. But, don’t start packing just yet, because we’ve curated 5 tips to keep your beauty routine eco-friendly, even while traveling!

1. Stay hydrated with a reusable water bottle.

We all know hydration is a major key when it comes to clear skin (and healthy hair). Ditch the 16-pack of plastic bottled water for the weekend. This is not only wasteful, but the chemicals in the plastic are bad for you. It’s also expensive! Avoid contributing to plastic waste and ingesting unhealthy chemicals by bringing along your own reusable bottle. Refill it in the sink or with a filtered water system. Also, most restaurants and hotels will refill them for you for free!

2. Switch to sustainable makeup-removing techniques.

Single-use makeup wipes, cotton swabs, and cotton rounds are extremely wasteful. Plus, they take up unnecessary space in your luggage. Try making the switch to a makeup-removing oil or balm - not only are they better for your skin, but they’re easier on the environment, and help conserve room in your makeup bag. You could also try a washable/reusable makeup-removing cloth.

3. Ditch the disposable razors.

Showing some leg this summer? Invest in a reusable razor for both home and travel. You’ll save money, space, and contribute less to plastic waste.

4. Opt for multi-use beauty products.

Sick of packing a million different products into your already-overflowing cosmetic bag? Many clean beauty brands offer products with multiple uses, sometimes even combining lipstick, blush, AND eyeshadow all into one small stick or jar. Save space in your bag and generate less trash by packing one product for multiple uses.

Our styling products happen to be great multi-taskers as well!

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5. Only bring what you actually NEED.

Over-packing is a bad habit for many, but consider the effects before giving in next time. Each extra pound in your suitcase calls for more gas emissions by airplane and/or car.

So pack lighter: it’s easier on your back AND the environment. You’d be surprised how refreshing it is to travel like a minimalist!

Did you know that almost our entire range is available in travel-size?! Order your essentials in their 2oz. variations and then keep the minis to refill from your full size bottles any time you travel.

All 4 of our shampoo and conditioner duos are also available in liter sizes which means even less waste, while saving you money (and space in your luggage).

Another great refill option (eco-friendly and wallet friendly) is our SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner Liter- the crucial  third step in any routine whether you’re near or far.

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And if you're worried about hair damage from sun, sweat, sand, and salt this summer season - look no further than our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque (available in 2oz travel, 8.5 ounce "shower edition" with a pump, and a liter refill with pump).

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