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Creator Styling Tips & Tricks For Curls

Who better to ask for curl styling tips and tricks than some of our favorite curly creators?! Read on and watch below for how-to's and recommendations as they spill about their must-have EVOLVh products for curls, waves, and kinks. 


What is your favorite EVOLVh Styler for your curls?

I swear it changes with every new product release, but right now it is definitely DreamGel! Runners-up are the SuperCurl Defining Cream and InstaVolume Mousse!

What is a curly styling hack that's changed your life?

Plopping or micro-plopping before applying my hold styler! It shortens drying time, gives me more bounce, and creates longer-lasting hold. It's the key step in my MPH Method!

Angela, a.k.a. The Fit Curls, is a certified Pilates instructor, gymnastics coach, and curly hair content creator. A former blowout addict, she started her healthy curl journey in the summer of 2019 by challenging herself to go 30 days without any heat styling! In those 30 days she fell in love with her natural curls and never looked back. Angela is passionate about helping others to love and care for their natural texture - and EVERY natural texture - exactly how it grows out of their scalp. Her social media not only provides product reviews and styling techniques, but also science-based deep dives aimed at understanding curly hair's structure and needs and removing the fear attached to certain ingredients. 



What is your favorite EVOLVh Styler for your curls?

My favorite EVOLVh styler is the InstaVolume Mousse.

What is a curly styling hack that's changed your life?

The curly styling hack that changed my life would be applying products while my hair is still damp and applying styling products with my hair upside down. This gives more defined curls especially at the root!

Hi my name is Sara from @sarak4beauty! I love sharing skincare/makeup reviews & tips! And I love helping everyone find cleaner alternatives to their favorite conventional products!



What are your favorite EVOLVh Stylers for your curls?

InstaVolume Mousse & UltraFlex Hairspray

What is a curly styling hack that's changed your life? 

Smooth and scrunch in stylers instead of raking or brushing in. Raking and brush styling were breaking up my fine clumps too much.  

My name is Ashley and I am a busy wife, mom, and school counselor. I am a lover of fall, coffee, books (Harry Potter), labradoodles and all things Disney. I became a curly hair enthusiast in 2019 after a coworker told me about the Curly Girl Method. I discovered the true pattern and texture of my hair and I haven’t looked back since! My hair is fine texture, high porosity, and 2b waves.


And let's not forget our Curls MVP - WonderBalm!

Here's how Delilah AKA The Holistic Enchilada uses this best-seller as part of her Curly Girl Method routine: 

(shout out to our old packaging hehe)

And here's what one or our real EVOLVher models, Iman, had to say about this magic potion:

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