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Creator Volume Styling Tips & Tricks

We're thrilled to present the second installment of our latest styling series. Be sure to check out the Curls edition if you missed it, but this time around, we're focusing on pumping up the volume and featuring some of the amazing creators in our community that rely on our volumizing styling products for fuller hair in a flash. Their pro tips speak volumes - so you better prepare for liftoff! 😉


What is your favorite EVOLVh Styler for volume?

My favorite EVOLVh Styler for Volume has to be the InstaVolume Volumizing Mousse! It adds lift and defines my natural texture without weighting my hair down or giving me a dirty feeling that some mousses can leave behind. I apply a few pumps in damp hair, focusing most of the product around my roots and working the rest through the mid lengths and ends. When I use the mousse in combination with my InstaVolume Cleansing Duo, my hair knows no bounds!

What is a volume styling hack that's changed your life?

The volume styling hack that has changed my life is lightly diffusing upside down! I let my hair dry a little bit and then I'll flip my head upside down and softly diffuse around the crown of my head. I only do this for a few minutes to lock in some extra lift and then I continue to let my hair air dry. I also find that if I can let my hair dry outside in direct sunlight, I get the best volume and wave definition! Maybe the biggest tip that I discovered this year is to feel ok in applying a little more mousse or gel than you think you need! After applying, let your hair dry completely and then 'clap out the crunch.' I literally will clap my hands throughout my hair to soften any leftover product residue and this gives me perfectly touchable waves with a TON of volume!

Nicole is a nationally acclaimed and award winning makeup artist + photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When not at work as Vapour Beauty's National Makeup Artist, she loves exploring the outdoors and making art. Her signature look includes oversized jumpsuits in a variety of colors paired with boots or crocs and big, voluminous, wild hair.


What is your favorite EVOLVh Styler for volume?

My favorite EVOLVh product which provides me with unreal volume is the InstaVolume Mousse. I apply it on 70% wet hair (at the roots) right before blow drying. Then I dry my hair with my head down.

What is a volume styling hack that's changed your life?

I part my hair on the opposite side than my hair naturally does when finishing drying (upwards). This gives me the best volume possible. Also, the mousse keeps my hair fresh for longer, since it absorbs oil, so I love it!

Barbara is a freelance multi-faceted creator, who is passionate about beauty, copywriting, and photography. She has also been an active Cert-Clean Beauty Awards judge since 2019. Privately she is a mom, baroque music enthusiast, and professional violinist.



If you're really ready to pump up the volume, you'll want to start with our InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment & Elixir. Here's Beyond The Ponytail founder and pro stylist Angela Cattaneo's volume blowout "master class" tutorial: 

So many valuable "behind the chair" tips for a volumizing blow dry in there!



Check out Delilah's voluminous curls how-to video using her favorite EVOLVh products:

"For volume: InstaVolume Cleanser and Elixir, rake and scrunch TotalControl, diffuse dry, and scrunch in a little WonderBalm." —Delilah