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How EVOLVher's Style with DreamGel

 See Our Innovate DreamGel Strong Hold Styler in Action 

A creamy gel that does it all: defines, controls, smooths, and volumizes, DreamGel is powered by amino acids to strengthen hair and minimize breakage. It also absorbs excess oils so you can extend time between washes for hair that’s touchably soft, shiny, and never ever sticky.  Like a dream come true.


Like all EVOLVh products, DreamGel lives up to our rigorous standards. Here are some of the things that lend it its "wow":

1. First and foremost, hair should always feel like hair. Never a sticky, crunchy, dirty feeling strand should be on your head. We strive for soft, youthful, bouncy hair that always shines. 

2. We use 100% clean performance ingredients that are efficacious for all hair types. 

3. All products are highly concentrated so you only need a small amount of DreamGel to achieve stellar results and get the most value out of each application.

4. Versatility is top of mind when we bring products to market, so you can be sure that you can use EVOLVh stylers in many ways to achieve unique results, and DreamGel follows suit.  

5. Our strongest hold styling product to date, we’ve coined DreamGel our “set it and forget it” gel. 

6. It also has Incredible refreshing capabilities. Two or even three day hair can be refreshed by simply spritzing some water - no additional product is needed, and you’ll still achieve all day hold.  


@dianebrittsmith used to struggle with her beautiful curls getting frizzy on day 2 and 3, but with DreamGel her curls remain frizz-free through Day 3. "To refresh on day 2 or 3, I simply spritz some water or leave-in conditioner, and I’m good to go!"


Delilah @holisticenchilada lives in humid Miami and loves DreamGel in her curly hair routine for definition, frizz control, volume, and long lasting hold. Watch the video for a step-by-step guide on achieving dreamy results!


@alexiskristiana "It's hard to find a gel that isn't crunchy or hard on curls—this product is a holy grail. DreamGel helps with so much definition and feels so lightweight. I love it so much on my curls!" 


@thefitcurls uses DreamGel on her fine curly hair and loves the strengthening boost it delivers thanks to amino acids. "It's my favorite product to refresh with of all time" 


@trulee twists and scrunches DreamGel into damp hair for bouncy, touchably soft hair all day long!


Nisha @cutetrini23tv “I was really surprised at the texture of this gel. I thought it was going to be the usual clear jelly but as you can see it’s more of a cream. I really enjoyed using it as it helped to give my hair definition and my curls held in place without weighing it down and thus giving me tons of volume as well.”