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Join Us For "30 Days Of Hair Wellness"

Step up your hair and scalp's #selfcare.

We believe that hair wellness starts with a foundational routine including a nourishing shampoo and conditioner paired with a protecting leave-in conditioner. Then, add a revitalizing scalp serum, nutrient-rich supplement, and a repair masque, and the stage is set for amazing results now and for decades to come.

To help you get there, we’ve curated a special collection of these foundational products offered at value-pricing, to make it easier than ever to nurture your
hair and experience our inside-out approach to total hair and scalp health.

Whether you’re worrying about winter hair woes (cold air outside, dry heat inside, plus wind, hats, and scalp issues can all wreak havoc on our precious strands), interested in getting to know your hair better, or anything in between - this is the program for you!

So...What Exactly Is Hair Wellness?

Just like your body and mind, your hair (and scalp) performs better with improved nutrition, clean products, exercise, and extra TLC aka #selfcare.

Nutrition: To keep your strands looking their best, the most important thing you can do is to provide them with proper nutrition. By including certain nutrients in your diet, you can promote hair growth, prevent breakage and dryness, and foster strong, shiny, and soft hair. When your hair looks and feels beautiful, it is a sign of a well nourished you. 

Meet out Better Roots RootBoost Complex - a comprehensive blend of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids scientifically proven to be essential for protein synthesis that creates strong healthy hair plus a nutraceutical active called AnaGain™ Nu (source: organic pea sprout extract) that supports regrowth and is clinically proven to increase the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Products: Look for clean, non-toxic haircare products that can provide healthy ingredients directly to the core of your hair without coating. Not only will you be doing your hair a favor with a sulfate-free shampoo as one example (it will maintain the natural oils of both your scalp and your hair, and your hair will love the moisture), but you’ll also be doing our planet a favor by saving our municipal water supply from toxic chemicals that work their way into rivers, oceans, and lakes. Research from the European Commission found that using conventional shampoos can contribute to “climate change, water resource depletion, mineral and fossil resource depletion, and freshwater eco-toxicity.”

Exercise: Our internal health is very important for hair growth. Exercise and, of course, eating the right foods are very key to a healthy lifestyle overall. Those who exercise regularly will notice that their hair is healthier. Regular exercise increases general health and improves blood circulation in the body. Increased circulation stimulates growth in hair follicles.

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To sum it up: improved overall health facilitates healthy hair growth!

TLC: We all deserve a little extra #selfcare now and again, so make sure to put a little love in your hair with some of our tried and true TLC tips. Taking some time for yourself and reaping the benefits of healthy, happy hair will prove to be an instant confidence booster, make you smile more, and maybe even inspire you to make some special "me-time" plans.


Masks & Treatments – think our UltraRepair Masque. Using a yummy reconstructor like this once a week (or more frequently for ultra dry and/or curly girls) will smooth dryness, make your hair easier to style with improved health and balance, and put some pep back in your hair step!

Scalp Massage – Oh how we LOVE scalp massages! In all seriousness though, people truly underestimate the benefits. Your scalp is full of nerves close to the surface of the skin, so massaging it relaxes the nervous system by stimulating these nerve endings. The other amazing benefits: reduced muscle tension, a natural remedy for migraines and headaches, balancing your nervous system, promoting hair growth, and best of all... it feels absolutely amazing!

· It conditions the scalp, helping prevent flakes and dry, itchy scalp.
· It helps enhance blood circulation in the head and neck area. 
· It helps strengthen the roots of your hair and nourishes the hair-shaft, promoting new hair growth and strengthening existing hair.

How should you massage your scalp and for how long? Rub the scalp using the flats of your fingers (not your fingernails) for 2 to 5 minutes. Every day is ideal, but if that's not realistic - every other day should do it. Pro tip: ask that special someone to rub your scalp, you’ll never go back!

A Leave-In Conditioner – The right one will balance your hair's pH, smooth frizz and flyaways, and close the cuticle that may be raised from hard water, minerals, or chemical treatments. 

SmartStart, SmartVolume, or SmartCurl are your secret for shine, smoothness, and softness like never before!


· High heat
· Chemical Treatments that stress your precious strands
· Washing too frequently 
· Bad blow drying habits 
· Harsh chemicals in your styling products

If you’re really serious about getting your hair in tip top shape - we encourage you to take our 30 Day Challenge by using only EVOLVh products for a month to experience optimal results. We’ll even give you a complimentary one-on-one consultation to get you started with the right routine for your unique needs - simply fill out this form or send an email to

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