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Conditioner vs Reconstructing Hair Masque: Why You Need Both

Incorporating a reconstructing hair masque into your healthy hair routine is more than just a luxurious self-care treat for soft, shiny hair. It is essential for literally restoring and nurturing the health of your hair from the inside out. You may wonder if a reconstructing hair masque is truly necessary, especially if you're already enjoying the ultra-hydrating and detangling powers of our conditioners, so we're here to make a case - screaming from our virtual rooftop - for why a reconstructing hair masque will take your healthy hair journey up a notch.

Conditioner: A Foundation of Hydration and Detangling

Conditioners play a foundational role in your hair care routine, delivering hydration for soft, shiny, and effortlessly detangled hair. EVOLVh conditioners are unique because they work from within and absorb into your strands, unlike traditional conditioners that simply sit on top like a band-aid and coat the hair to provide a temporary solution instead of actually improving the health of your hair. Conditioners are essential, but adding this next step to your routine will make your strands dance with joy - cue the music! 

Reconstructing Hair Masque: Supercharged Care And Repair

In our quest for great hair and flexibility in styling and looks, we often use chemical services like color, bleaching, perms, or relaxers, and lots of heat styling - given all of these stressors, your hair requires extra care. Enter a solution that just about every person needs in their hair care routine: the reconstructor. Simply put, reconstructors contain protein (hair is 90% protein by the way), and work to restore structural integrity to the hair. Don’t confuse them with deep conditioners which add moisture, but do not actually repair. A high-performance reconstructor will multi-task by not only repairing damage from all of the rigors of chemical services and heat styling, but will also impart additional moisture, rebuild areas of your hair where protein is lacking, prevent future breakage, and restore elasticity. They’re literally a miracle worker for your hair!

Our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque is our clean ingredient high-performance answer to a reconstructor with the unique quality of being able to be left in your hair overnight for maximum results, whereas most reconstructors cannot be left in overnight (please be careful and read product instructions thoroughly).

This intensive treatment is reparative for hair that has been compromised by color or bleach processing, heat styling, or environmental factors - especially wind and winter weather or sun and salt/pool water. It’s highly effective for smoothing coarse, curly, or frizz-prone hair and protecting it from breakage, dehydration, tangles, and split ends. We call it a time-traveler because this clean beauty favorite results in bouncy, shiny, silky, and strong hair, no matter its previous condition!

Working Together in Harmony For Happy, Healthy Hair 

So imagine your hair care routine as a holistic approach to overall hair health. Conditioners lay the foundation, providing immediate hydration and detangling benefits, while a Reconstructing Masque steps in as the hero, addressing long-term damage and fortifying your strands.