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30 Days Of Hair Fitness | Week 02: Protection

Welcome to Week 02 of our 30 Days Of Hair Fitness celebration, EVOLVhers! We're now going to focus on our second pillar of hair health: PROTECTION. If you missed Week 01: Repair - be sure to check that post out first so that you can assess your current status before moving on. 

Now without further ado - here is our foolproof guide to protecting your precious locks from damage...


If you wash your hair every day - stop!

Here’s why: It strips your hair of its natural oils and dries out your scalp. It dulls your shine. Dirty hair is easier to style. It costs unnecessary time and money. It throws off your hair’s pH balance.

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An unsung hero, the scalp, is much more than just the place where your hair follicles lay - it’s the very foundation from which your hair grows and there is a direct correlation between scalp health and the condition of your strands. Taking care of your scalp to optimize hair growth and condition isn’t just a great idea, it’s simply a must.

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No matter your texture, smoothness and shine are indicators of hair health - and healthy hair is gorgeous hair - so here are the hacks:

Use A Heat Protectant (AKA The Third Step)

Our SmartStart Leave-In-Conditioner is a do-it-all leave-in that not only nourishes and detangles, but also adds strength, and eliminates frizz with built-in natural heat and UV protection. Rich in powerful essential fatty acids and targeted organic and natural ingredients, its low pH (3.5-4.0) immediately closes the cuticle for brilliant shine and smoothness. While our SmartVolume Leave-In boasts all of those benefits plus added thickness and our SmartCurl Leave-In delivers it all and is specifically formulated for our wavy and curly gals.

Much like skincare where a regimen maximizes benefits, we have developed a 3-step system that will work from deep within to restore your hair to its ultimate healthiest condition, resulting in an immediate improvement in feel and texture that improves with continued use.

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Bonus: Did you know that ALL of our styling products will not only make your styling dreams come true, but also provide built-in heat and UV protection (hello summer), making them the perfect addition to your hair fitness and protection arsenal.

Careful With The Heat

Avoiding heat on your hair altogether is hard to do, but there are a few ways you can be more vigilant about protecting those fragile strands - such as turning down the heat on your tool from 450 to 300, and using leave-in conditioners to give your hair some extra protein and love. 

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Use A Weekly Hair Treatment

For smoother tresses, we should give our hair the same TLC we give our skin with face masks by doing a hair treatment each week as part of our self-care ritual.

Give your hair a little extra love with our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque, an intensive treatment for hair that has been compromised by color or bleach processing, heat styling, or environmental factors.

Learn why we call this product a "time-traveler" and why Well + Good called it a "Strand Savior" here >

Use The Right Towel

We often don’t realize how much damage our traditional towels can cause to our precious delicate tresses, but they can in fact be abrasive and promote breakage. The fix? A gentle hair wrap (we're adding some to our "accessories" offerings oh-so-soon) or even an old cotton tee shirt.

Use A Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase can make all the difference in your hair and it is so easy to make the change that you can practically do it in your sleep. Yes it sounds sexy and glamorous, but a silk or satin pillowcase is actually beneficial for your hair because they’re much more gentle than traditional options. Minimize breakage while maximizing luxury - there are dozens of silk options on the market for you to choose from, including sustainable, vegan ones!

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Take Biotin

Biotin naturally occurs in your body and helps strengthen your hair and nails. By taking a supplement every day, you’ll enhance what you already have to strengthen against breakage or other outside factors. You can find Biotin supplements at your local pharmacy or natural grocer.

*Bonus Pro Tip*

Rinsing your conditioner out with cold water seals the cuticle of the hair, thereby locking in moisture and helping to reduce frizz. We suggest doing this step last and flipping your head upside down so the cold water only runs down your hair and not your body. It’s hard to force ourselves to do this step after a relaxing, warm shower, but trust us, the benefits are worth it!


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See you next week for Week 03: Enhancement!