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The 5 Secret Sleep Habits For Healthy Hair

Because breakage happens when you least expect it.

We all know that heat styling, UV damage, and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on our hair, but did you know that a lot of the causes of breakage happen when you’d least expect?! That’s right...while you’re asleep. Luckily, we’ve rounded up 5 game-changing tips to turn a potential nightmare into an absolute daydream.

1. Your Blow Dryer Is Your Friend  

Your delicate tresses are weakest when wet so the friction from sleeping with wet hair makes it more susceptible to breakage. If you opt to wash your hair in the evenings, do yourself a favor and dry it fully before catching those zzz’s.

Check out our Ultimate Blow Drying Guide for more pro tips!

2. Ditch The Hair Tie

This can be a challenge for our “long hair don’t care” gals, but tying it up at night is a big no no. The tension leads to breakage and should be avoided at all costs. If you absolutely must gather it, try a loose braid or low pony with a soft silk scrunchie.

3. Silk Pillowcase = Silky Hair

Yes it sounds glamorous, but a silk or satin pillowcase is actually beneficial for your hair because they’re much more gentle than traditional options. Minimize breakage while maximizing luxury. There are even great vegan silk options out there.

Alternatively, you can combine tips 2 and 3 by loosely wrapping your hair up in a silk (or vegan silk) scarf.

4. The 3 B’s: Brush Before Bed

Tangles and knots will only get worse if you move them around in your sleep so be sure to remember the 3 B’s and always, always, always BRUSH. BEFORE. BED.

5. Treat It While You Sleep

Last but not least, take the opportunity to treat those tresses while you sleep with a mask or conditioning treatment.

Our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque is our clean ingredient high-performance answer to a reconstructor with the unique quality of being able to be left in your hair overnight for maximum results, whereas most reconstructors cannot be left in overnight (please be careful and read product instructions thoroughly).

UltraRepair is such an incredible product that we’ve dedicated a whole post to it - check it out! >

Now you can rest easy knowing you’re avoiding the common culprits that lead to breakage while you sleep. For the happiest and healthiest hair possible, you can rely on your EVOLVh routine. So sleep tight, beauties - the hair of your dreams is just a few steps away!