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Struggling With Volume | Part 2

Volume is such a common challenge among EVOLVhers that this is actually the second post we're dedicating to this topic. If you haven't already checked out Part 1, be sure to do so because it features queries sent in to us from real people just like you - all answered by our team of hairxperts.

For part 2 - we're taking a more general approach and sharing the most valuable "holy grail" volume tips out there, along with a roundup of related content, and of course our product recommendations specifically geared to those looking to pump up the volume.

So without further ado...



DO… Get the right haircut.

No matter your hair type, length, or how thin your hair is - adding layers creates texture and movement, which results in the appearance of volume. Furthermore, getting trims regularly takes care of those split ends and prevents your hair from going shapeless and getting weighed down (aka less volume). Somewhere between every 6 and 10 weeks is the recommendation depending on your length and the amount of damage.

DO… Remember your scalp and give yourself head massages.

Massaging your scalp increases circulation and blood flow to your follicles so hair grows faster, thicker, and healthier.

We've got to admit that we're a little bit obsessed with scalp health. So much so that we have an entire blog post dedicated to it >

DO… Take care of yourself, not just your hair.

As with our skin, our hair is a strong indicator of our overall health - so eating right, staying hydrated, and getting ample exercise are a good idea for taking care of yourself inside and out. And don't skimp on those Zzzz's - it's called beauty sleep for a reason.

We've even got some cheat sheets:

Secret Sleep Habits For Healthy Hair >

The Best Foods For Healthy Hair >

DO… Read the labels and choose the right volume-friendly products.

So-called “volumizing” products, shampoos and conditioners in particular, often contain silicones or polymers – essentially plastic-like substances that stick to the surface of each hair strand, to make it appear thicker. While this works on naturally strong, bouncy hair, on fine hair, the weight of the coating pulls the hair down, counteracting the extra fatness, so your hair gets even flatter – ugh. To add further insult to injury, these products (which we put in the "non-clean" category) build up on your hair, leading to dullness, dryness, and putting a damper on any volume you were hoping to achieve.

Our products rely on natural ingredients (no nasties here) and expert formulation to deliver health benefits and added thickness via short chain amino and fatty acids (which absorb deep into the core of every strand, rather than coat it from the outside).

Check out our full range of volume solutions here >

DO… Reach for a hair-repair treatment.

While some damage (such as split ends) can't be undone and your hair type can't miraculously be altered, our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque actually repairs and restores hair to its healthiest and most gorgeous condition. Healthy hair is fuller hair so it's definitely a must-have for anyone struggling with thin or flat hair as well as frizz and/or damage from color/bleach processing, heat, or environmental factors.

Read all about this "time-traveler" here >

Suffering from damaged tresses? Study up on solutions via our Hair Damage 101 post >


DON’T… Shampoo everyday.

We probably sound like a broken record by now, but we can't stress enough how crucial it is to avoid washing your hair too often. This is our number 1 rule for all hair types, but especially so for those struggling with a lack of volume. Washing daily strips your hair of its natural oils, dries out your scalp, fades your color, throws off pH balance, dulls your shine, and actually makes your hair more oily (because your scalp produces excess sebum to counteract the stripping) thereby creating a vicious cycle.

Here's the full scoop on why you shouldn't wash daily >

And here's our guide to how often your should wash based on your unique situation >

DON'T... Color, bleach, or process too often.

It doesn't take a scientist to recognize that chemicals can cause damage to our delicate strands and scalp, but color and processing can be... so. darn. fun. We get it - we're guilty of it too. The main thing to keep in mind is to try to keep it to somewhat of a minimum and to listen to your hair/scalp. If your scalp itches/burns then you're probably sensitive to whatever is happening. Similarly, if your hair is breaking from bleaching, then perhaps you might want to consider a gentler option. Most importantly, take care of your mane between processes by opting for healthy products and doing damage control (literally) with a restorative treatment like UltraRepair.

Don't worry though - healthy color-treated hair IS possible. Here are the hacks >

DON'T... Go heavy on the conditioner.

While they're great for dry/curly/frizzy hair that needs all the moisture it can get, conditioners do have a tendency to weigh down finer tresses. Make sure to avoid the roots and rinse it out with cool to cold water for the best results.

We were so fascinated by the correlation between conditioner and boosting volume that it was actually the impetus behind our InstaVolume Duo - the first of its kind two-step regimen that eliminates the need for an in-shower conditioner. Yup, you read that right. It's a shampoo and leave-in conditioner spray that's applied to damp hair out of the shower and it results in the most volumicious hair of your life.

Intrigued? Check out InstaVolume here >

DON'T... Brush too quickly.

Fine hair is delicate, so be gentle with it. Take your time to avoid breakage. And if you must brush while your hair is still wet or damp - opt for a wide tooth comb.

If you struggle with tangling on top of your volume woes - don't fret. One of our leave-in conditioners is here to come to the rescue.

DON'T... Overuse hot tools.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can't go without mentioning. Turn the temperature down on your tools and always always always apply a heat protectant prior to blow drying or using a flat/curling iron.

Check out our ultimate blow drying guide before the next time you fire that bad boy up >

Learn why the leave-in conditioner step is simply unskippable >

DON'T... stress. Yes, really.

The stress we carry can affect our precious locks and overall health and well-being, and since we are living in particularly stressful times, we all need to prioritize #selfcare and make time to unwind. Temporary anxiety and stress can lead to hair loss and thinning over time, so we’ve come up with quick ways you can refresh your brain and pump out positivity to those follicles.

Here's our guide to de-stressing for better hair >


Last but not least, we've got two how-to videos for boosting volume with the help of EVOLVh products. One for curls and one for a straight blowout: 

We hope you've found this two-part volume series helpful and wish you great health and great hair!