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Missing: The Third Step

The way you layer your hair care makes a big difference, and much like skincare where a regimen maximizes benefits, we have developed a 3-step system that will work from deep within to restore your hair to its ultimate healthiest condition, resulting in an immediate improvement in feel and texture that gets better and better with continued use. 

Step 1: Cleanse (Shampoo)
Step 2: Treat (Conditioner)
Step 3: Protect (Leave-in Conditioner)

Our leave-ins are actually among our best sellers, but while everyone is familiar with the first two steps, many are skipping (or are simply unaware of) Step 3 - so we’re here to make the case for why this crucial step is simply un-skippable!  

Balancing pH - In case you’ve forgotten it from chemistry class, pH refers to the level of acidity of any substance. Because most tap water is acidic, it’s important to balance your hair’s pH immediately after every wash - this is the one step that will truly improve the smooth appearance of all hair types and textures. Think of this as a toner for your hair.

Fighting Frizz - While we often blame humidity for it, frizz is actually a result of your hair not having enough moisture and literally “reaching” out to grab any moisture that’s in the air. Therefore, if your hair is already properly moisturized, it won’t frizz up as a reaction to seeking additional available moisture. Our leave-ins not only add moisture and aid your hair in retaining it, but they also help amplify the moisturizing benefits of shampoo and conditioner (hence the 3-step system working in tandem) and their low pH will work its magic in closing the cuticle, resulting in improved smoothness for maximum effectiveness.

Detangling - To prevent breakage and nourish hair while it’s at its most vulnerable (wet) a gentle de-tangler is key. Just a few sprays and that comb or brush will glide right through!

Protecting Against Heat & UV Damage - A good leave-in actually prevents the damage before it happens. Look for products that have protective elements that counteract the sun’s harmful rays, as well as potential damage from exposure to wind and/or heat tools. Our salon stylist partners wouldn’t even THINK of doing a blowout or applying a heat tool to their clients’ tresses without prepping them with one of our Smart Leave-In Conditioner Sprays first.

Hitting Refresh - While they work miracles when applied to wet hair, leave-ins also act as a refresh button for second, third, or even fourth day hair in need of revival. Curly girls will see their waves and ringlets brought back to bouncy life and those wanting to heat style for a second or third time between washes will benefit from the added protection as well as the moisture.


*Ideal For: All Hair Types* 

The best leave-in conditioner I have ever used. I love how healthy and natural it is and the smell is amazing. It moisturizes my hair without weighing it down and protects my hair from the daily torture I inflict better than any product I have ever used. My hair is healthier and more manageable than it has ever been.” —Holly, Real Life #EVOLVher

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*Ideal For: All Hair Types Wanting Added Fullness & Moisture*

All the same benefits as SmartStart with flax as a bonus ingredient to add volume!

“As a professional hair stylist, I've struggled with finding a product line that works great that isn't loaded with tons of toxic ingredients. Also as someone with sensitive skin, I've had a difficult time finding products that won't break my skin out along my hairline. I love these products! The SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner is awesome! I can spray it in my hair and it allows my comb to glide through without breaking my hair. I can blow dry my hair straight or curl it and it gives great volume. If I don't have time to blow dry, I can let it air dry and it gives my hair a beachy wave texture that looks great and not undone. Thanks for great products!” —Brittany, Real Life #EVOLVher

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*Ideal For: Wavy, Curly & Kinky Hair*

All the same benefits as SmartStart, but specifically formulated with added moisture to make your #curlgoals a reality.

"This is the best hair product line I've ever used (and I've tried a lot). I have frizzy curly hair and live in an area with high humidity - a bad combination. EVOLVh helps me control the frizz and manage my curls like no other. And the fragrances are wonderful." —Shannon, Real Life #EVOLVher

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*Ideal For: Oilier Scalps & Hair In Need Of Volume*

The magical Step 2 of our new evolutionary 2-step InstaVolume system. This multifunction magic potion detangles, adds moisture and shine, removes frizz, balances pH, and provides heat and UV protection, while boosting volume and absorbing excess oils.

"Conditions hair very well after using the recommended InstaVolume shampoo in the shower and has a light fruity scent. I've bought so many shampoos and conditioners, including some very expensive ones, and EVOLVh works the best!" —Denise, Real Life #EVOLVher

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"Being in the curly category means that I work extra hard at achieving smoothness and eliminating frizz. I had never used a leave-in prior to EVOLVh, I did not understand the benefits that it could have in my personal hair life, but this one step has helped me reach the goal of easy to manage hair - that I have always wanted. I’ve gone from poofy and frizzy to a more manicured, soft, and silky looking curl - there's no doubt that adding this 3rd step has helped me get there. My hair is more hydrated, calm and frizz free with daily use (I also use it as a refresher when I need a super speedy routine to hop on zoom calls), and I feel good that the additional natural UV protection is helping ward off environmental damage. Everyone can benefit from a leave-in, and once tried, you can never go back."—Regina, Real Life #EVOLVher

Combine a leave-in with a shampoo & conditioner duo to follow our recommended 3-step ritual and save by purchasing all three products together via one of our Healthy Hair Trios!

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