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Must-Follow Hair & Health Tips For Fall


Though we may be trying to hang on to Indian Summer for as long as possible, there's no denying that Fall is fully upon us. Pumpkin-spiced-everything has taken over and it's time to make updates to our wardrobes and home decor, but it's also important to make some updates to our hair and skin care routines, as well as our diets and overall health practices. Don't be overwhelmed, though - the handy guide below has got you covered from hair to toes!


Be sure to opt for the right shampoo to get rid of buildup from summer (salt, pool water, sunscreen, sand, sweat, etc.). Check the ingredients list and don't forget the scalp massage when washing.

Colder, dryer temps mean it's time to amp up the moisture with a nourishing conditioner.

Ditch the ponytails and top knots. They may be crucial during the hot and humid summer months, but these tight styles can cause breakage and damage

Don't even think about stepping outside with damp/wet hair once the temps fall. Cold air is not your hair's friend. And if you are blow drying - never skip the third "protection" step. Our "Smart" leave-in conditioners lock in moisture while providing heat and UV protection.

Humidity during the warmer months often means bigger hair, but if your tresses tend to fall flat come fall you can still pump up the volume with these products >



Just like our hair, our skin needs more and different nurturing during the colder months. 

Ditch the lighter/gel moisturizers for something thicker and don't forget the skin on your body

Our SmartBody Wash, Lotion & Butter are great for after-sun care, but also work double duty to heal and soften dry skin in the fall and winter. 

Cut back on exfoliating as it can cause dry and imbalanced skin this time of year.

Invest in a humidifier - it'll be great for your skin and your hair while also helping to keep those sinuses clear. For best results, turn it on as soon as your heat comes on. 


Eating with the seasons is nothing new, but we can all use a refresher course. Luckily, Fall's bounty is full of endlessly inspiring, beautiful, and HEALTHY options. 

Shop the harvest and bring home those apples, pears, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes. 

You'll also want to be mindful of how much and when you eat as food consumption tends to go up during Autumn and Winter (and not just holiday time either). 

We'll all likely be spending much more time indoors and cozying up in front of the TV, so remember to portion out your couch snacks (don't bring the whole bag/container) and stock up on some healthy snack options. 

According to Ayurveda (traditional Hindu medicine), we'll soon enter vata season (late Fall into early Winter), which is synonymous with dry skin, irregular digestion, and the frenetic, unpredictable energy of the “holi-daze.” To avoid these pitfalls you'll want to stay away from raw, cold foods (which are more appropriate for summer) and opt for seasonal soups, stews, and roasts instead. Naturally, warm drinks are also a good idea - think hot tea, chai, or warm milk with honey and ghee before bedtime. 



As mentioned above, we need to adjust our routines to account for more time spent indoors. If you've been swimming, playing sports, running/jogging, or even just walking more - you'll want to have an indoor workout gameplan. Luckily, there are lots of virtual classes (including great free options) and indoor gyms have been opening up in some places (with strict safety restrictions in place, of course). 

The time change may also impact when you go for walks or squeeze in your workout. Perhaps it's time to switch over to being an earlier riser?



Just like with anything else, these healthy habits are only effective if you maintain consistency. 

Try a goal journal/tracker app or scheduling time for self-care on your calendar. 

No matter how busy this time of year can get, be sure to carve out time for yourself and keep yourself accountable. 


Happy Autumn, EVOLVhers! 

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