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Hair Tips For Before, During & After Your Workout

No excuses, just fitspo and hairspo!


Though we're not big fans of the pitfalls of the whole "new year, new me" mindset that seems to take over the first few weeks of January - we fully support your goal and intention setting journey. So - if (like so many of us) you're resolving to exercise more in 2023 and beyond and you fully intend to meet your #hairgoals this year, you’ll want to keep some of our quick tips in mind.

Washing your hair every day is usually a no-go, but how do we find ways around keeping it fresh even after a sweat sesh? We’ve compiled an overview of what you should do before, during, and after exercise so your newfound fitness routine doesn't compromise your happy, healthy hair!

BEFORE: The cleaner your hair is when you start out, the cleaner it'll be by the time you're done. Make sure you're using the correct shampoo and conditioner combo for your hair type/needs and opting for a clean ingredient solution.

Our shampoos cleanse thoroughly but gently, and nourish, revitalize, and improve hair health, resulting in youthful vibrant hair with improved texture, strength, and vitality. Happy hair starts with a healthy scalp and our shampoos help gently exfoliate - so be sure to include a scalp massage whenever you wash.

Our conditioners provide a totally different experience from what you’re probably used to! Complete absorption into each and every hair strand (rather than merely coating your hair) means that your hair is literally drinking the nourishing formulas that quench its need for moisture and revival to balance every hair type.

Not sure which of our shampoo and conditioner duos is the best fit? Check out this helpful guide or take our Hair Quiz >

And don't forget the crucial third leave-in conditioner step to balance pH, moisturize, and protect. Our leave-ins are absolute game-changers when it comes to refreshing your hair after a workout (more on that below), but they'll also ensure that you're fighting frizz during it, so don't even think about hitting the gym without spraying one on first. If your workout involves swimming in the ocean or a pool, you'll definitely benefit from the salt-water/chlorine protection. Ditto for working out in the great outdoors - those harmful UV rays don't stand a chance if you're armed with one of our "smart" leave-ins. 

Learn more and find the one for you >

DURING: Believe it or not, your hair tie matters. If you plan on taking your hair down post workout, you definitely don’t want any dents to be a result. Silk or velvet scrunchies or spiral hair ties will prevent any potential hair damage and ensure that you're dent-free after the fact. You can also wear a headband made from moisture-wicking fabric to help absorb more sweat during the workout to keep you cool and your hair flawless. 

Pro Tip: If you do plan on washing your hair afterwards, use the time wisely and multi-task by wearing a hair mask/treatment during your workout. Well + Good called our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque a “Strand Savior” and suggests wearing it while you work out because “the heat from your body—especially the heat from your head—will help open the cuticle of your hair, which allows for deeper penetration.” 

See why we call it a "time-traveler" >

AFTER: Depending on the sweat level of your workout, this next step will vary. But, if you’re doing lots of heavy cardio, you should be washing your hair at least two to three times a week. If it is your day off from washing your hair, you’re in luck because sweat acts as a natural salt spray and creates texture in your hair. Freshen up those locks with one of our leave-ins and then blast some cold air on your hair dryer setting to minimize some of the excess sweat build up. 

While they work miracles when applied to wet hair, our leave-ins also act as a literal refresh button for second, third, or even fourth day hair in need of revival. Curly girls will see their waves and ringlets brought back to bouncy life and those wanting to heat style for a second or third time between washes will benefit from the added protection as well as the moisture.

If you need to go more glam, make sure to incorporate one of our styling products to achieve a great braid moment, fun top knot, sleek pony, or the ever-seductive "wet-hair" look. The holidays may be over, but the parties are not - so check out our "Party Hairstyles Made Easy" post for some serious hairspo! 

Pro Tip: Our UltraFlex Hairspray absorbs excess oils so it's a great natural alternative to dry shampoo. 

Heed these tips to ensure that working out won't have to mean sacrificing looking your best throughout the rest of the day/week. Look at that - one less excuse! Now go dominate those resolutions, EVOLVhers!!