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Let's Make EVERY Day Earth Day

You didn't think we were done with our eco-friendly themed content just because Earth Day 2021 is now behind us, did ya?

We wholeheartedly believe that EVERY day should be Earth Day so we're sharing some tips and resources from our community!

We tapped some EVOLVhers for their best advice and here's what they had to share:

Andrea AKA Organic Beauty Lover:

What's your favorite eco-friendly tip/hack for beauty/food/health/home?

My favorite eco-friendly hack these days has been Facebook Marketplace, which I’ve been using to help furnish my new apartment and find outdoor activity gear. I live in a city where professionals move in and out frequently and much of their items simply get thrown out and left curbside. By using Facebook Marketplace they get to reduce waste and I get to pay a fraction of the cost for almost new items. It’s a win-win!

What's your can't-live-without eco-friendly product/tool/service?

It’s so hard to pick just one! I cannot live without my menstrual cup and stainless steel straws. Whether I’m at home or traveling, I always have to take these 2 with me - it’s a non-negotiable. 

A service I can’t live without is secondhand fashion platforms. I recently found a new one where you can shop the closets of fashion bloggers, so you’re getting trendy and oftentimes never worn pieces at great prices. As a beauty blogger I am constantly giving away partially used products to family and friends so I can only imagine how many clothing items sit idle in fashion influencers’ closets.


Lauren AKA Boldly Lauren:

"My biggest tip for living more eco-friendly is to purchase and consume less, and ideally purchase second hand when possible. I also do my best to mend clothing, and I save my Bonne Maman jelly jars for tiny tupperware (this brand happens to be my favorite!). Oh...and using reusable bags for shopping, too."


Kate of Kate's Clean Life:


Few things are more toxic to our bodies and to our planet than plastic.

Plastic is an endocrine (hormone) disruptor and has been linked to a host of devastating health issues. Plastic releases harmful chemicals into the soil, which then seep into groundwater or other surrounding water sources, and is slowly destroying the ecosystem.

Did you know...

· Over 1 million sea creatures every year are killed due to choking on or becoming entangled in plastics. 

· It takes at least 450 years for a single plastic bottle to decompose. 

· In 2017 alone, 26.8 million tons of plastic pollution was dumped into landfills. Landfills across the U.S. are filling up and running low on additional space

· Every minute, a garbage truck's worth of plastic pollution ends up in the ocean. 

· Scientists have found Bisphenol A (known to cause cancer) in more than 90 percent of Americans tested.

Here’s how you can help protect yourself and the planet from plastic:

  1. Stop buying bottled water. A person who drinks only bottled water consumes 130,000 plastic particles per year (which has been linked to cancer) compared with 3-4,000 from tap water. 

  2. Replace all plastic cookware with glass. This includes plastic Tupperware, drinking glasses, bowls + plates, and straws. 

  3. Swap plastic bags for @stasherbag.

  4. Swap plastic garbage bags for eco-friendly garbage bags.

  5. Carry reusable shopping bags. 

Come on! Together, we can ALL do better! Let’s improve our health and save our planet. 💓️"


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As a clean brand, we look at Earth Day as a special time each and every year to reflect on our progress, our future, and most importantly how our actions as a company and as individuals are making an impact on our EVOLVhers, our partners, our ecosystems, and our planet.

Doing our part to positively impact the Earth and make operational and manufacturing improvements every step of the way is symbolic of our values and who we are as a brand and as a team. We recently honored this by committing to share an in-depth update on our efforts every April. We hope you'll enjoy this look behind the curtain with us, and perhaps it’ll even inspire you to reflect on what you can do in your own lives as well. Read the full post here >

Here's to celebrating Earth Day EVERY day!