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Spring Clean Your Space & Your Routine

With spring almost upon us and Earth Month just around the corner, it makes sense that we want to hit refresh on our spaces in a sustainable manner just as the warmer temps and budding blooms of the season signify a new start. Whether you're feeling ambitious or just want to tackle a little something at a time, read on for our easy and eco-friendly tips to clean and spruce from top to bottom, big or small.

From outer bedding and mattresses, to curtains/blinds/shades and windows, to cabinets, doors, and walls - there are certain areas that we simply don't address every time we clean. Spring Cleaning presents the perfect opportunity for an annual deep clean of those often neglected spots.

For specific tips on each of the "29 Things You Can Deep Clean" - check out this guide courtesy of Apartment Therapy >

You can save money and trips to the store by DIY'ing homemade cleaners using pantry staples you likely already have. These time and expert tested "recipes" are the most eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions to your cleaning woes and they actually work.

Check out Good Housekeeping's "8 Homemade Cleaners That Actually Work, According to [Their] Cleaning Expert" >


There's no easier and more eco-friendly way to spruce up your digs than by "shopping" your home for items you already own. Whether it's rescuing something that's been tucked away or rearranging furniture, accent pieces, and accessories, this approach is the minimalist's answer to a mini home makeover. You'll be shocked at how simply moving a few things around can breathe new life and personality into your space.


To continue in the same vein, you might want to reorganize your shelves and cabinets by hiding anything utilitarian or unseemly and bringing more attractive pieces front and center.

We've recently discovered that taking the jackets off of books often reveals a much more versatile cover that you might be more likely to stack or display without them being too distracting or clashing with other items. Books in just their binding also tend to appear more timeless and lived in than shiny/busy jackets. You can use books throughout your space to add depth, dimension and various heights to display smaller accessories on.

If you're ready to get serious about your shelfies, here's Athena "Eye Swoon" Calderone's "Shelf Styling 101" >


Don't forget your bathroom cabinets, vanities, and beauty drawers. Spring Cleaning can also mean purging with a "does it bring joy?" test á la Marie Kondo, making it the perfect time to toss out beauty products (and all those old unused samples) that are expired, that you know you'll never use, and/or that contain nasties.

Read the labels and keep the products without parabens or pthalates (which are known endocrine disruptors), and those without petrolatum, mineral oils, or silicones (which can cause buildup and contribute to dry and brittle hair when used in hair products). Opt instead for natural and plant-based ingredients that are healthy for you and the environment. For us at EVOLVh and many others, cruelty-free is also at the top of our list of priorities!


Reuse the containers for something else if you can. If it's a clean product/brand that passed the "no-nasties" and "joy" tests and you're running low on a favorite - see if the maker has a refill or recycling program (Kjaer Weis is a fave for refillable natural cosmetics).

Repurpose candles, bottles, and jars to hold other cosmetics and/or makeup brushes, as bud vases or mini planters, or DIY your own candle wax and refill them.

Pro Tip: Clean out an old/empty candle jar by removing the base of the wick with a butter knife and filling the jar with boiling water or microwaving it for 10-15 seconds to warm up the remaining wax so you can wipe it with a towel or rag and then wash with soap and water. Voila - a brand new vessel with endless possibilities!


If you're running out of your favorite EVOLVh shampoo, conditioner, or our SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner, or UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque - be sure to hold on to the regular 8.5oz bottles if you'd prefer to display those and the 2oz travel bottles for the spring and summer trips that lie ahead. We have several eco-friendly/waste-reducing liter/refill options that are an incredible economic value to boot!

Use more shampoo than conditioner or vice versa? Buy the single liter(s) and get 4 full size bottles worth for the price of less than 3.

Hint: Select the 1L size variant from the regular product page. 

Or opt for the duo and enjoy even bigger savings. 

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EVOLVhers are so hooked on our SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner and UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque that we've added liter upgrade sizes for these two hero products as well. 

With the new season officially upon us, it’s the perfect time to “spring clean” your haircare routine. Ditch the toxins and make the switch to clean with new products, or stock up on your favorite standbys by taking advantage of special kit and set pricing. Whether you’re new to us or a longtime loyal #EVOLVher - we have a value-priced solution-based system for you. Here’s to a fresh start and blooming to your hair’s utmost healthy and happy potential!

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Happy cleaning and sprucing, EVOLVhers!