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Your Confidence Boosting Checklist


We're honoring Women's Month and combining our International Women's Day celebration with this month's 30 Days Of Hair Wellness theme by celebrating YOU, our EVOLVhers. We sincerely hope that you take some time this month and every month to celebrate yourself, care for yourself, and prioritize loving yourself.

In talking amongst our team about what’s most often holding women back, we collectively landed on a lack of confidence, and couldn’t help but wonder what our EVOLVher community (and women in general) might achieve if they just had more of it. Will they speak up for injustices? Ask for what they want/deserve? Fight for what they believe in? Empower other women?! We certainly think so.

And while we may be “just” a haircare brand, what we ultimately sell is confidence.

Whether it’s helping you embrace your natural hair, allowing you to finally achieve the look you’ve always wanted, or simplifying your routine to free you up for other priorities, we hope to be just one step on your journey towards embracing yourself, just the way you are.

We know from one-on-one conversations, messages on social media, and endless reviews that since switching to EVOLVh many of you are getting compliments galore, have come to accept and even love your natural hair texture (looking at you, curly girls), have learned to embrace your grays, or stopped wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail all the time. Sounds like self esteem boosting to us!

Better yet, many of you found out about our products through a friend or family member and/or can’t wait to share our products with your fellow ladies - a community of confidence builders!!

If our products help a woman feel better about herself before going into a job interview, or asking for a promotion, or speaking at an event, or getting her photo taken, or picking her kids up from school for the first time since her divorce, or going to a scary doctor’s visit, or just any. regular. old. day... then we’ve done our jobs.

Of course confidence is not just skin or scalp deep! So we’re here to share some actionable items that anyone can do to become more confident and stay that way.


Journaling is a powerful tool when it comes to self affirmation and manifestation. What you believe will continue to be true. The more you can explore your doubts, dreams, and current situations by jotting it all down, the closer you’ll be to clearing that headspace for the most important, empowering, and goal winning thoughts.

If you’re stuck on where to start, try beginning with your thoughts on any goals you have in mind. Describe in full detail what success will look like for you and simply take it from there, moving into how to get there, what you already love about where you are, and your fears about what might happen if you try to get there. By taking the time to reflect, you will notice that self-confident thoughts will be more free-flowing now that you have your intentions and goals in mind.


Meditation involves loosening our grip on our sense of self. In simpler terms, rather than clinging to our every thought as truth, it helps us realize that thoughts are fleeting. The more we meditate, the easier it is to not grab on to negative thoughts towards ourselves as being absolute and true.

Imagine having negative thoughts towards yourself and instead of identifying with them, recognizing them for what they are and deciding to let them go. This is what the practice of meditation can help us to do as we become more aware of our self as separate from our every waking thought.


There are so many benefits to getting our bodies moving that it’s a little hard to keep track, but when it comes to self-confidence, working out is about more than just looking better.

Just 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise is sufficient to release the endorphins in our body that are responsible for increasing feelings of well-being and decreasing levels of cortisol, the hormone related to anxiety and stress.

Researchers have actually found that low to moderate intensity workouts improve your mood, while higher intensity workouts may do the opposite. So don’t push yourself too hard, but do get your body moving and you should find that your mind will help you feel more like the amazing woman you are!


It’s so much easier to feel the love when you feel as though you belong. Having people to hear you, support you, cry with you, and just relate to your life is so important in the process of self-confidence.

Taking the time to connect with others will help you understand not only that you are seen and loved, but that other people need that same support from you. Friendships don’t always come easily, especially as we get older, but try putting yourself out there: join a book club, set up a mommy date, give back by volunteering, attend a women-only networking event, etc. Try these and you should have no shortage of connection and community in no time.


For once, we’re not talking about the volume of your hair! There is scientific evidence behind listening to music as a way to “amp” yourself up. Studies show that after hearing even just part of a song, a person was more likely to see a neutral expression as happy or sad depending on the tone of the music they listened to beforehand. So when you’re feeling low, put on some tunes that make you feel good and be mindful of how it transforms your thoughts!



Self-care is mandatory for creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. The truth is, we sustain psychological injuries much more often than physical ones, yet they go untreated. By taking time for ourselves, to heal, or recharge, or simply meet a basic need, we are caring for our minds and bodies, and placing necessary importance on nurturing. Take your first step towards better self-confidence by completing an action of kindness toward yourself!

You don’t need to do ALL of these things, just the ones that feel right for you. We challenge you to choose just ONE of these and practice it within your daily routine this month. Just be sure to remember to be kind to yourself on your journey towards boosted self-esteem and self-love - no one gets it right every single day. The important thing is to try your best to help yourself shine like the amazing, powerful goddess that you are, not just during Women's Month, but every day!!