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The Top-Rated Hair Tools for Easy-To-Maintain, Healthy Hair

There is an endless selection of hair tools in the industry to choose from… Healthy hair isn’t just affected by the ingredients that you apply to your hair but also by the items and accessories that you use. Shocker, right? So… What are the best hair tools when it comes to switching or adding more to your hair care collection?
Take a look at our expert advice and see why we recommend you invest in these top-rated hair tools. 

  1. Wide Tooth Comb 

    A wide tooth comb isn’t like your average comb. The teeth are a lot more widely spaced out (hence the name), and it helps to properly detangle your hair without damaging it. This acts as a multitasking hair tool by gliding your favorite EVOLVh conditioner through your hair. It allows the conditioner to distribute throughout your strands evenly. For deeper conditioning and stronger strands, you can use our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque for optimal repair and protection against damage.  

  2. Microfiber Towel

    We’re used to drying our hair with classic cotton towels, so what makes microfiber towels special? Microfiber towels are made out of a soft and gentle material that isn’t harsh on your hair. We recommend them because they are highly absorbent, prevent breakage, and reduce the amount of frizz that your hair is exposed to. So if you’re looking to cut your air drying time in half, then this is the best hair tool that you’re going to come across.

  3. Scalp Brush 

    Suffer from an itchy, irritated scalp and product build-up? Scalp brushes are one of the top-rated hair tools to mend and revitalize your scalp health. They promote hair growth by stimulating your scalp and exfoliating dead skin cells. Use your scalp brush in combination with our Better Roots Serum and Oil Duo for science-backed scalp nourishment and fuller-looking hair. As a bonus, they are an amazing addition to your nightly hair care routine as a relaxing stress reliever to give your scalp a worry-free massage.  

  4. Silk Scrunchies

    Traditional hair ties can cause awful breakage and reduce scalp blood flow. Over time they weaken your precious hair strands… Fortunately, there’s a safer alternative if you need to put your hair up. Silk scrunchies are made out of a soft luxurious material that reduces hair frizz, damage, breakage, and headaches. These are great hair tools to use in place of your old rubbery, elastic hair ties. So toss them away and use silk scrunchies as a worthwhile replacement. 

  5. Wooden Hair Brush 

    Put an end to hair static and constant tugging when you’re brushing your tresses. Ever notice your plastic brush bristles causing stubborn flyaways and knotted tangles? That’s because plastic brushes increase the electrical charge in your hair when you’re brushing it. On the other hand, wooden brushes remain at a neutral/negative charge. Meaning as a result you’ll have less hair damage and smoother strands. They’re also environmentally friendly.

Which top-rated hair tools are you going to start incorporating into your hair care routine? Don’t forget to pair them with your favorite EVOLVh products for healthier, stronger strands.