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EVOLVher Spotlight: Meet Beauty Expert Tina Pirozzoli

Meet Tina Pirozzoli - a beauty expert, multi-media artist, and EVOLVher. As a licensed cosmetologist, she loves bridging the gap between clients and brands in the industry. She is also the host and creator of a series of live interviews called Swagchat. As a writer, her keen insights and occasional humor are both empowering and inspiring. Her passion for homeschooling allows her the flexibility to work from home, serving her family and community. 
We chatted with Tina to learn more about her beauty journey, her beautiful silver hair, what she's currently loving, and more. Enjoy!

You're a professional hair and makeup artist! What made you fall in love with doing hair and makeup, and do you have a beauty philosophy you follow? 

I have always been into hair before schooling. I had a cousin that was older than me and introduced me to the world of makeup and perfume. From there I always dreamed of becoming Susan Lucci’s personal beauty technician. My philosophy is work with what you have and enjoy it. You will never see  beauty in the world or other people until you view it in the mirror first.

What is your hair type? If you're open to sharing it, we would also love to learn more about your personal silver hair journey

My hair type is thick, coarse and grey. My silver journey was nothing short of one of the best experiences of my life. It was the portal to a completely different idea about beauty and the industry.

What are your hair concerns, or what are your hair goals?

My only goal is to experiment with long and short hair pushing it as far as I can without damage.

What are your favorite EVOLVh products? 

My favorite EVOLVh products are the styling aids. I use them altogether as they are interchangeable. I do love the DreamGel, Ultimate Styling Lotion and WonderBalm.

How does your hair make you feel?

Rebellious and outcast and I love the idea of being talked about or asking questions. 

Do you have any tips or advice for someone who's just starting their silver/gray hair journey?

There is no other way but cold grey. Like cold turkey. No excuses. Any shortcuts will produce shortcomings in the journey. I believe your overall experience will diminish with your growth stunted.

What is your favorite way to practice self-care? 

Quiet and alone and sitting at my station experimenting. 

A few rapid-fire questions!

  1. My biggest hair regret: None

  2. My biggest hair tip: Do something different. Anything. 

  3. My favorite beauty product (besides EVOLVh):  Beauty devices, my body mat and acupuncture shoes.

  4. I'm currently loving:  Writing and reviewing products not only for myself but seeing how others can benefit.

  5. I'm looking forward to:  Health improvements and committed to exercise.

Follow Tina on Instagram @grey.grace.andgrit