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Our Annual Sustainability Report

As a clean brand, Earth Month presents a special opportunity to reflect on our progress, our future, and, most importantly, how our actions as a company and as individuals are making an impact on our EVOLVhers, our partners, our ecosystems, and our planet.

Doing our part to make operational and manufacturing improvements every step of the way is symbolic of our values and who we are as a brand and as a team. We’re honoring this by committing to share an update on our efforts every April. We hope you enjoy this look behind the curtain with us.


Developing and sharing the best performing clean haircare on Earth is just one of our missions. Assuring you that we stay true to our roots by using only safe and non-toxic ingredients that cause no harm to people or our planet are equally as important. As is protecting the Earth from harm with our company practices, consumption, and our choices for packaging and our supply chain.

EVOLVh is a US based company and while our team is spread out across both coasts, we have a dedicated facility in Colorado Springs, CO which is now home to our chemist and master formulator, an experienced manufacturing team, and our warehousing and shipping team.

Since launching in 2009, being at the forefront of manufacturing the highest performing quality products with the latest in clean ingredient technology has been near and dear to us - “the evolution of clean haircare” is what we’re all about, after all. But, we also want to ensure that we’re constantly stepping up our sustainability and supply chain “performance,” not just the performance of our products. 

While the decision to move all of our manufacturing and shipping operations to one location did end up saving us dollars (which we now use to fund more R&D to bring you more new innovative products...see below), the biggest impact was the reduction of our carbon footprint. The elimination of shipping to our various shipping warehouses cut our transportation use by three quarters, and we love any positive impact that we can actually measure and quantify.


When we prepare your packages for shipment, we use paper as a protective measure for the products during transit, avoiding the use of plastic bubble wrap or styrofoam peanut, or other packing materials that aren't eco-conscious.

Our secondary product packaging boxes are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper, a gold standard designation for wood harvested from ethically managed forests. 


We thoughtfully source every ingredient for purity, safety, and environmental impact to ensure that our products don’t contaminate waterways when they go down the drain.

All EVOLVh products are: 


We’re also committed to water conservation, so EVOLVh products contain up to 64% less water than conventional formulations. This also means that a little truly goes a long way and you need less product to see amazing results!


All of our shampoos and conditioners, plus our cult-favorite SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner and UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque are available as a liter option - by simply selecting the liter size from the respective product page. 

Or you can score our BIGGEST savings while significantly reducing waste with one of our Liter Duos or Liter Bundles. Each liter contains the equivalent of four 8.5oz bottles for the price of less than three, and you’ll save up to 25% when purchasing as a duo. All while using 56% less plastic - yay!


We are proud to partner with Pact Collective, a nonprofit membership organization that collects hard-to-recycle beauty product packaging.

All of our bottles are recyclable, but Pact’s Mail-Back Collection Program allows you to ship smaller hard-to-recycle parts like pumps, disc caps, foamer tops, droppers, etc. to Pact’s special recycling facility so that they can be sorted and recycled appropriately.

You’ll pay $5 for the shipping label and receive a $5 credit towards a future purchase at once Pact receives your package. It’s a win for sustainability, your hair, and your wallet!

Alternatively, you can drop off at a participating location. 



One of our proudest initiatives revolves around the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, a vital ecosystem that deserves our utmost attention and care. Deforestation is a major threat to the Amazon rainforest, its people, and unique species. Wild palms are annually cut down for their fruit, causing ecosystem degradation. We're addressing this issue by partnering with Recursos Amazónicosto provide climbing gear and training to indigenous harvesters. See the climbing gear in action here

In 2021, we launched our eco-conscious skincare brand, RUVI. Our hero product, Age-Defying Glow Serum, harnesses the benefits of the Oenocarpus Bataua superfruit - a Peruvian beauty secret for centuries, carefully harvested by locals in the Amazonian jungles of Peru. Our purchase of Bataua Oil generates revenue to further our mission of teaching harvesters to climb rather than cut trees, thus boosting the local economy. Together, we can protect wild palms and bolster local economies to improve livelihoods.

Bataua Superfruit Oil is not only amazing for skincare, but it also has major haircare benefits, so we incorporated into two EVOLVh products, our Better Roots Scalp + Hair Oil and NEW The Standard Hair Oil

Every time you purchase an EVOLVh or RUVI product that features Bataua Superfruit Oil, you're not just caring for your hair and skin; you're also participating in a meaningful effort to safeguard one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on our planet.



Last Earth Month, we teased that we're partnering with Nohbo to bring you our most innovative product, shampoo and conditioner “slips” that fully dissolve and leave no trace behind. They will be completely biodegradable, water-soluble, plastic-free, non-toxic, and all-natural. We've been working hard to perfect them and ensure they match the performance and user experience standards you already know and trust us for. We can't wait to finally share it with you this year!


We’re so excited to be partnering with One Tree Planted for the fourth consecutive year to plant a tree for every order during the month of April. In 2023, we were able to plant more than 2,000 trees with your help! 

Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. We’re honored to support reforestation across the US. With forest fire recovery in the west, longleaf pine restoration in the southeast, and National Forest restoration from coast to coast, One Tree Planted's US projects are planting trees to:

  1. Recover ecosystems after natural disasters.
  2. Restore habitat for biodiversity.
  3. Create economic benefits for local communities.

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation. They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees, offer businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution, and motivate younger generations to do something positive for the environment.

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature and look forward to planting trees and continuing to challenge ourselves to improve and evolve (it’s in our name, after all) with your help! Happy Earth Month, EVOLVhers!!