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Healthy Holiday Hacks

If you're anything like us, now is probably around the time that the pressure of perfectionism and general hectic holiday hoopla is coming to a head. Not to mention, end-of-year work and home-life responsibilities and those dreaded resolutions everyone will be talking about. Not to fret dearest EVOLVhers - our wellness tips specifically catered to this delicate time of year have got you covered!


Sure we all love giving and receiving gifts, but perhaps the best present you can give others (and yourself!) is actually being present. Try to pause and reflect in gratitude on those special moments of magic that this season allows for and practically insists on. If you can shift your perspective to treat your holiday errands and chores as occasions to be celebrated, you and everyone around you will be all the better for it. 

Turn tree trimming and/or gift wrapping into a party. Cook together. Have a crafting day or make some lovely handmade or home-cooked gifts. Snuggle up to an old movie with some hot cocoa or egg nog (spike it for an added festive flair). Make plans to catch up with those you haven't seen enough of before the year comes to a close. Head to a restaurant with great holiday decor and a fireplace. Go see a concert/show. Hint: make it holiday-themed! The possibilities to be truly present are endless. 

And for goodness sake - put those phones AWAY. Designate specific times for taking photos so you can cherish and share these memories for years to come, but after that, give yourself permission to go off the grid for a bit. Bonus points for turning on airplane mode and/or playing the stacking game.


The endless train of parties, time-sucks, and spending sprees can trigger a lot of unhealthy habits and shame spirals. If you're choosing to indulge - go ahead and indulge. Free yourself of overthinking and guilt. 

Everything in moderation is a great rule of thumb, but sometimes it's COMPLETELY OKAY to go for that second piece of pie (just a totally *random* example and something we've never ever done, wink!) so long as it won't fill you with regret afterwards. Make a deal with yourself to keep the balance by making sure to get a workout (or at least a walk) in the next day. Had a bit too much champs at the office party? Follow it up with lots of water and an electrolyte tablet, and/or a few days of abstaining if that feels right. You can always opt for a fun/fizzy mocktail instead. 

Whatever your possible "weaknesses" are that the holidays bring up for you, look at them as possible reflections prior to the start of a new year. Making resolutions is a good, productive way to set goals and intentions. Deciding to make positive changes, like ditching a bad habit and adopting a healthier lifestyle, is always a good idea—one you should see through to the end.  

Bottom line: let yourself off the hook - we're all doing the best we can! But enjoy the moment, and celebrate.


Guess what?! You don't HAVE to RSVP "yes" to every invite. You don't HAVE to get an incredibly thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift for every single person on your list; sometimes a simple crowd-pleaser will do. You certainly don't HAVE to make every single meal completely from scratch. And sometimes it's perfectly fine to decline or even cancel if you need to prioritize something else or simply take some time for yourself. 

You know deep down what is and isn't important. Put yourself and the things that REALLY matter to you first and it'll become that much easier to say "no" when something doesn't make the cut. 

Helpful hack: every time you say "no" to something, you're saying "yes!!!" to something else that is more valuable to you. And that's all the reason you need, if you ask us 😉. 


This is a big one. Whether it's family, friends, co-workers, or your seat-mate on a flight - there's a good chance that you may get stuck in some awkward and even potentially hostile conversations this season (political, personal, or otherwise). 

Our advice: if you start to sense that an amicable, mutually respectful discussion is not really what the other person had in mind, your best bet is to agree to disagree

This is a simple cheat that just works. Don't waste your energy trying to get someone to see your side if they don't have an open mind. And if they're trying to convince you of something that you know you'll never be convinced of, then you're both just wasting your time and chances are you'll walk away drained. It's never worth it, trust us!


As always, we can't stress the importance of prioritizing your wellness and mindfulness enough. While it might be tempting to put this on the back burner due to all of the obligations this month, it's crucial that you don't sacrifice self-care during this hyper stressful time.

Be sure to listen to your body and don't over do it (reference "just say no" above).

Journaling, meditating, reading, even just NAPPING, are all great ways to check back in with yourself. 

You may also want to treat those precious locks to a mini spa moment with our UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque - a must-have for combating all those potential winter hair woes!

Happy Holiday, EVOLVhers. Remember - we're here to support you beyond just your haircare, and we sincerely hope that you'll find these and our other tips helpful in even some small way!