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We Go "Beyond The Ponytail" With Hairstylist Angela Cattaneo

Get to know the insta-famous braid wizard!

If you're as braid obsessed as we are, there's a good chance that you already follow @beyondtheponytail on Instagram. If you don't - stop everything you're doing and go check it out, because these creations seriously need to be seen to be believed. For this edition of our series of boss babe interviews, we chatted with Angela Cattaneo - the braiding maven, hairstylist, educator, community builder, and BTP's founder. She opened up about work/life balance, the advice she would give her 25-year-old self, her celeb hair crush, and more. And of course, we couldn't not ask about her favorite hair products!

So, you actually have two full time jobs – being a hairstylist AND being a mom! Work/life balance is tricky for most of us - how do you balance your career and motherhood? What advice can you offer to a mom out there who is trying to find that balance?

That is a great question that gets asked a lot and the truth is there never really is any true balance. There are times when I’m working on a project that needs my extended attention and I’ll share that with my family so they know that I will be busier than normal. Before I leave for a trip, I make sure to spend special time with them and do something fun. When I’m away, we always FaceTime every night before bed so we can share what we did that day with each other. My advice to other working moms pursuing their dreams is to let your family know what your goals/dreams are and that you are working hard to make those goals a reality for all of you. This gives them an opportunity to witness a positive role model growing up and learn that anything is possible with hard work, consistency and believing in yourself! Also, be kind to yourself, some days are better than others and you are doing your best!

Do you involve your kids in your career? Are they interested in what you do?

I actually started Beyond the Ponytail practicing braids on my daughter when she was in first grade and the rest is history! My first braiding class was “wine and braids” teaching basic braiding skills to the moms of the daughters that my daughter went to school with and it was a blast! I am currently relaunching that class for 2020 to teach mothers and fathers all over the bay area how to braid!

My daughter definitely benefits from the career I have chosen. My son just thinks I’m Instafamous! lol

Let’s travel back in time and visit 25-year-old Angela – what is the best advice you could give her, knowing what you know now?

I love this question! The best advice I could give her is to follow your intuition and pursue doing what sets your soul on fire! To believe in yourself, and believe that anything is possible, and to never give up. Know that you will get there, you don’t need to know how, but just that you’ll get there.

What has been the most rewarding part about your career and the Beyond the Ponytail adventure?

I would have to say, without a doubt, the community that has been built of incredibly talented artists with authentic support and admiration for each other. I also have had wonderful opportunities to network and collaborate with other creative artists in the industry, and have made wonderful friendships.

Nobody can miss it while looking through your gorgeous hair portfolio – you have amazing talent! Where do you find the inspiration for the styles you create?

I find most of my inspiration from the artists that I support and follow. They have become such great friends, so we inspire each other every day.

What are your tried and true products to have in your arsenal for creating these breathtaking hairstyles?

My go to for my daughter’s hair has always been SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner to help with getting the tangles out instantly before I braid her hair. I always start my prep work with SmartVolume Leave-in to add texture and volume for my bridal looks. I never start any style without it!

As a hairstylist, we understand that you are constantly on your feet. We’re sure your “dogs are barking” after a very long day! What are the best shoes to wear that are not only comfy, but are stylish as well?

I would have to say Dansko has some super cute shoes these days that have style and they are always good for standing on your feet all day! I wore them every day during both of my pregnancies working behind the chair.

If you could style ANY celebrity in the world, who would it be?

I would love to style Lady Gaga’s hair. She seems really interesting and down to earth.

It is SO exciting to call you an EVOLVher! What are your favorite EVOLVh products to use?

I have been using EVOLVh for over 4 years now and I would have to say my absolute favorites are the UltraShine Shampoo and Conditioner, SmartStart Leave-in Conditioner, Ultimate Styling Lotion, SmartVolume Leave-in Conditioner for prep work, and definitely WonderBalm for blowing unruly hair straight.

With the cold weather, we find ourselves wanting to snuggle up with a book or get lost in a podcast. Are you a podcast listener or a book reader? We have to know - what podcast or book are you currently geeking out on?

I really should listen to more Podcasts or maybe start one myself! The book that I’m currently reading is Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Last but not least, we are always looking for a great song to bump to in the car or at the gym – what song is on repeat for you lately?

Never Give Up from Sia  (of course!) lol