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Volume For All Hair Types In Four Foolproof Steps

Whether your hair is oily, dry, color-processed, or anything in between - we have a volume solution that will take your fine strands from limp to lifted and from flat to fabulous. All in just four simple steps, promise!

Step 1. Choose Your Cleanser

For fine hair that is normal to dry or frequently bleached/lightened: UltraShine Moisture Shampoo >

Our first-ever and bestselling shampoo continues to work its magic for fine, dry hair in need of moisture. It adds volume and bounce without weighing down strands, while also providing brilliant shine. Additionally, it is safe for colored hair and sulfate-free.

For fine hair that is oily: InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment >

If your hair is fine, tends to be oily, and you find it necessary to shampoo daily for fear of your hair looking like an oil slick, InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment is a life changing dream come true. The treatment absorbs excess oils while giving limp, fine hair volume and bounce like never before. And the results last for days. It's also color safe and sulfate-free.

And in case you're wondering, “Cleansing Treatment” is just our fancy way of saying an evolved shampoo that does so much more!

Step 2. Choose Your Conditioner

For fine hair that is normal to dry or frequently bleached/lightened: UltraShine Moisture Conditioner >

This is the fine hair holy grail conditioner. Your strands will literally drink this conditioner up, leaving no residue (aka weight) on your strands, nor wasted product on your body or shower floor (look down the next time you’re using another brand’s conditioner). For fine hair - UltraShine Moisture Conditioner really is the end all be all for soft, smooth, shiny, and voluminous locks.

For fine hair that is oily - now you have options

If using InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment for step 1, then your Step 2 (conditioner) is the InstaVolume Elixir. The Elixir is a first-of-its-kind, evolutionary leave-in conditioner that delivers weightless moisture and nutrients specifically formulated to nourish fine, oily hair and to boost volume while absorbing excess oils, further increasing the opportunity to extend days between washes. Innovative, dreamy, and an absolute must-have product for anyone with fine hair that leans oily.

If using UltraShine Moisture Shampoo in fine oily hair, you can skip the conditioner and go straight to InstaVolume Elixir, or if using UltraShine Moisture Conditioner avoid applying the conditioner on hair above the ears and focus the product just on your ends. But do follow with InstaVolume Elixir once out of the shower for excess oil absorption, volume boosting, and the myriad of other beneficial magic it does for fine hair.

Step 3. Choose your leave-in conditioner aka *the most important step of all*

So why is this step SO important? Or are we just trying to sell you an extra product?! You gotta be asking this, right!

Well, you got us this time! We are trying to sell you on one more product – but only because it’s so darn important for your hair!!

Here’s why: shower water is almost always alkaline, and alkalinity, while wonderful inside our bodies, is terrible for hair and skin. Alkaline water causes the outer layer of hair (called the cuticle) to raise. Hair with a raised cuticle is much more prone to splitting, tangling, and breaking. The solution is to spray wet hair with something acidic which will cause the cuticle to close, resulting in hair that now has a balanced pH. Strands with closed cuticles are smooth, much more shiny, and most importantly, protected from splitting and breaking. And this is especially important for fine hair since fine hair is already inherently more prone to splitting and breaking.

…But wait, there’s more, just keep reading about Step 3.

For fine hair that is normal to dry or frequently bleached/lightened: SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner >

After shampooing and conditioning with UltraShine Shampoo & Conditioner, your next step is our SmartVolume Leave-In Conditioner spray. Apply the spray liberally (8-12 pumps) and you can use it on either sopping wet hair while still in the shower or after towel drying (with a gentle hair towel or an old cotton tee). The wetter the hair the better your strands will be able to absorb the product, but many prefer to use the spray after towel-drying. We suggest trying it both ways to discover which will give you your preferred results.

SmartVolume will not only help seal your hair’s cuticle to protect from splitting and breakage, it will also detangle and infuse vital hair super-nutrients like raw lecithin and flax to strengthen hair and boost volume.

For fine hair that is oily: we have good news!

If you used InstaVolume Elixir (in Step 2 above), the good news is you're done! The Elixir is your leave-in conditioner, so your cuticles are sealed, your hair is protected and nourished, and you have tons of beautiful va va volume! What more could you want?! 

If your Step 2 was UltraShine Conditioner, you can use InstaVolume Elixir now as your Step 3 and still get all the benefits of the Elixir just the same, including the pumped up volume!

Step 4: Choose your Styling Product

Once your wash day routine is complete (steps 1-3 above), your next move is to select your styling product.

Your two best options for voluminous clean styling nirvana are our TotalControl Styling Crème and our InstaVolume Mousse.

Let’s start with the Styling Crème. It’s called TotalControl for the simple reason that its sole mission is to put you in charge of your hair. Yes, we believe it's time for you to be the boss, the queen and the king of your hair and for your hair to be your crown. And nothing shows off your crown more than gorgeous volume.

The styling crème can be applied to wet and/or dry hair. Apply more product at the root for added lift and use your favorite heat styling technique or let air dry. TotalControl Styling Crème not only adds volume, it also boosts shine, removes frizz, and leaves hair soft and touchable, never crunchy. 

InstaVolume Mousse is a volumizing foam designed to be applied to wet hair. The foam delivery system allows the product to lightly saturate every hair strand for maximum coverage with the perfect amount of product. We recommend starting with 1-2 pumps, but don’t hesitate to add 5-6 pumps or more if serious volume is your goal. This mousse is full of unlimited possibilities and there is no limit to how high the foam can take you…so be playful and enjoy the magic it delivers!

And there you have it - our four steps for amazing volume no matter your hair type!

If you're still not sure which of our products are right for you - take our Hair Quiz to get custom recommendations based on your unique #hairgoals >