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UltraFlex Hairspray: Innovation You Can See & Feel

Our founder Boris pulls back the curtain on our latest launch!

When we first got our hands on the final version of the formula for UltraFlex Hairspray we were simply floored, because we just couldn’t believe that it was finally here and that it could possibly be this good! But it was and it is, and starting February 20th, it will be available to the world.

In the meantime, we’ve opened up pre-ordering so that you can be the first to have it AND enjoy special early bird savings >

What sets it apart?

Innovation in natural actives, from ingredients like tapioca, that we once thought was just for food, are allowing us to push clean product performance far beyond what was possible even just a few years ago. UltraFlex is an incredible feat that proves that we can prioritize performance and user experience without compromising on clean.

Alcohol-free, you say?

Up to now, hairspray required a high concentration of alcohol in order to be fast drying, otherwise hair would be left soaking wet in sticky liquid. The problem is this type of alcohol and formulation leaves hair dry and crunchy and despite this icky reality, it has been the acceptable norm for decades. In addition, most hairsprays, and especially aerosols, continue to be made using harsh, irritating ingredients, that are not good for our hair, our bodies, or our planet.

“Working” hairspray — huh?!

In pro/salon speak - “working” hairspray refers to the fact UltraFlex can be used in wet and dry hair, and hair can still be styled and shaped after applying – making this product incredibly flexible (hence its name).

In fact, the uses are limitless: the spray can be used to add volume, reduce frizz, boost shine, hold curls, and the list goes on and on.

Intrigued? There’s more…

We had an opportunity to put UltraFlex to the test at Credo Beauty in Los Angeles and the performance of the spray was nothing short of astounding. EVOLVh products are sold at Credo and we were invited to do hair as part of their holiday shopping event that day. We invited two world-class hairstylists, Malinda and Tasha, who also happen to know and love EVOLVh, to join us and style hair with our new spray (in plain white stealthy bottles as the final bottles weren’t even printed yet), which they were using for the very first time.

Here’s what they had say after a full day of styling many different types of hair with UltraFlex Hairspray:

And no, we did not pay Tasha and Malinda to make such glowing remarks. This was entirely unscripted, organic, first-hand feedback from two of the best in the biz. Needless to say, the UltraFlex secret debut at Credo LA was a major success and everyone and their hair left extremely happy!

You can pre-order your bottle of UltraFlex Hairspray now - we can’t wait to hear how happy it makes you! >