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The Secrets To Healthy & Happy Hair

Hint: It’s Not Just About Great Products!Our main goal as a brand has always been to create clean, high-performance products that will ultimately help you absolutely LOVE your hair (& skin) like you never have before!

But a lot of us have hair problems that go beyond issues that can be fixed with shampoo and conditioner alone. Luckily, we’re here with your helpful guide to the simple science behind hair and how you can improve your scalp health (besides choosing the correct products, of course).


Hair is primarily comprised of a protein called keratin and when you break any protein down further, its building blocks are made up of amino acids.

Hair follicles are the most interesting organs in our body, as they are self-regenerating - fascinating when you think about it.

Some simple facts: we shed hair every day (up to 100 or more hairs), our hair does age - hair follicles get smaller and tend to weaken, we have hormone sensitive follicles that live on the the front and top of our heads (the most common areas for unhealthy hair), and our behavior (whether we color our hair, use heat styling, spend a lot of time in the sun, take certain medications, and even our diet) can all affect our scalp and hair health.

For the best hair you can have, choosing hair products that provide a foundation for healthy hair growth should be at the top of your list. Formulations that truly penetrate the hair from within and go deep into your strands (similar to skincare which absorbs) will create lasting results and improvement over time, unlike products which simply coat the hair (more like makeup which merely coats).

Our products, uniquely work with short chain amino and fatty acids that have molecules small enough to penetrate the core of your hair and attach to your strands to add structure and rebuild hair from within, resulting in more youthful, smooth, and soft hair!   NATURAL FIX: VITAMINS  

When it comes to protecting your hair health, the first line of defense should be vitamins. At the top of the list are Vitamin C, Biotin (B7) and Vitamin B3, as well as Vitamin A (proper dosage required, as overuse with this particular vitamin can lead to hair loss) which have all been proven to be essential for hair growth. All of these work by creating amino acids that aid in hair growth, and by increasing blood flow to the scalp in order for nutrients to travel there more easily. Don’t forget the minerals most important for hair health - take in enough protein, iron, and zinc for growth, repair and to keep follicles working at their optimum level.

Vitamins are a great resource to aid in hair and scalp health and can help your hair reach its full potential, the best way of course is to consume them is the good old fashioned way... through your food (more on that in just a sec), but supplements can also help if you’re not able to get the boost you need through diet alone.NATURAL FIX: DIET

The food that you consume can either drastically help your locks or severely hinder them. Diets lacking in sufficient nutrients can stunt hair growth, leave strands dull and even limp.  And if deficiencies are large, the result could be hair loss. Eating a healthy balance of the right nutrients can help with the growth of healthy hair. See below for some of the best foods you can eat to support hair health!NATURAL FIX: EXERCISE  

Exercise is another effective and natural way you can support your hair health.

Our hair is directly impacted by stress due to its production of a hormone called cortisol, which can cause hair to shed.  Cortisol affects the function and cyclic regulation of the hair follicle, so high levels obviously affect the health and abundance of hair.   Regular exercise is one step we can take to reduce stress in our bodies and therefore fight production of this negative hormone.

Exercise also increases our bodies’ blood flow, which, as we have already learned, helps nutrients reach our hair follicles and scalp in a more efficient way. An added benefit, staying active wards off disease and medical conditions that affect the growth of hair.

Bottom line… a healthy body equals healthy hair!NATURAL FIX: SLEEP

The final step you can take to ensure your hair is growing and maintaining its optimal health is to consistently get your needed 7-8 hours of sleep. It turns out “beauty sleep” is not merely an expression!

When we’re sleeping our body regenerates cells and allows for a slower breakdown of proteins. So the more frequently you get the proper amount of sleep, the better your cell growth will be, meaning that your hair, which is made of these proteins, will be stronger and healthier.BUT WAIT...WHAT ABOUT HAIR LOSS?!

Ok we lied - there’s more. As a bonus, we want to talk to those particularly concerned with hair loss.

There are a few things that have been shown to help counteract this all-too-common hair woe and we think it’s important to talk about as it can feel embarrassing or scary, when in reality it is a very common hair problem.

Scalp massages are an effective way to manually increase blood flow. Generally, we recommend spending 1-2 minutes while you shampoo to knead, rub, and apply pressure to your scalp. You can also look into the myriad of tools created specifically for scalp massages!

A few other ways to prevent hair loss are to avoid heat styling when you can, steer clear of chemical processing if you’re prone to breakage and loss, and keep away from tight hairstyles that pull directly on your hairline.

For unusual or extreme hair loss, visit an expert or physician who can assist you with your particular concerns - with the myriad of reasons for hair loss, there are many solutions available that could help.There you have it - now you can go forward with confidence knowing that you are doing everything you personally can for your hair and scalp.  We wish you as always happy healthy hair.

Don’t forget to browse our clean, high-performance haircare products that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Time to get (and keep) your mane its happiest and healthiest, #EVOLVhers. Let’s get to it!