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The EVOLVh Team's Build-A-System Picks


Your hair journey is unique, and your hair care routine should be too. We’re making it easier than ever to customize a one-of-a-kind system that brings out the best in your hair. It's all about achieving your hair goals your way.

Need some inspiration? The EVOLVh Team is here to help. We're sharing the system we would create with our favorite products. 

Lindsey's System

  1. UltraShine Shampoo: Our OG shampoo and my personal fave. The foundation of my healthy hair routine. 

  2. UltraShine ConditionerMy hair is fine and gets tangled super easily, but this conditioner is like butter! It helps make detangling a breeze and also makes my hair feel so soft. I love that my hair feels light and bouncy and doesn't get weighed down.

  3. SmartStart Leave-In: My favorite part of my hair routine. I use this everty time I get out of the shower and even on non-wash days to hydrate, detangle, add shine.

  4. InstaVolume Mousse: My secret weapon for adding volume to my fine, straight hair. 

  5. UltraRepair Masque: I love to use UltraRepair once a week in place of my conditioner, typically on self-care Sundays! It's an essential all year around for me, but especially during winter. 

Kat's System

  1. UltraShine Shampoo

  2. Better Roots RootBoost Serum: I started using it postpartum to prevent hair loss and have since made it a foundational step in my wash day routine

  3. InstaVolume Elixir: I skip in-shower conditioner so the Elixir is the perfect leave-in for me, but I prefer UltraShine Shampoo to the InstaVolume Cleansing Elixir because my curls need the extra moisture

  4. InstaVolume Mousse: My all-in-one staple styler whether I’m rocking my curls or heat styling

Kelly's System

  1. SmartColor Shampoo: Great for my color treated hair. It helps my color last longer between salon appointments and keeps my strands healthy and strong with less breakage).

  2. SmartColor Conditioner

  3. SuperFinish Polishing Balm: Perfect for keeping my ends hydrated and my hair protected from heat damage. I heat style around 3 times a week and my hair is long so my ends get dry easily. SuperFinish helps my hair feel and look more hydrated immediately after applying (even when I don't apply as consistently as I should).

  4. UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque: Helps repair the damage my hair takes on from color treatment and heat styling. Plus, it works moisture miracles to combat dryness caused by winter wind. My hair stays moisturized and healthy all year long with UltraRepair.

Chrissy's System