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EVOLVher Spotlight: Meet Gabriela Volquartz

Meet EVOLVher Gabriela Volquartz, aka @lipstickandwellness! Gaby makes everyday wellness fun and easy. We love scrolling through her feed for easy, healthy food inspiration and clean beauty recommendations. We chatted with Gaby to learn more about why clean beauty is important to her, her EVOLVh routine, and what she is currently loving to cook up during the fall.

Get to Know Gaby

"I’m a wellness lover by accident and really by need. Getting sick over 13 years ago led me down the natural and holistic living rabbit hole. So once I made the switch to organic and less processed foods, clean beauty products and natural home living came next! And now it’s so much a part of my life that it just comes naturally and stress free! Clean beauty is so important for me because what we use on our body can contribute to our toxic load (or bucket) and I like to keep my toxic load as low as possible so I can live a heathy life. Since I do live in Los Angeles I am fortunate to have access to a lot of healthy food and healthy living so naturally that is what I love to do when I get a chance. I love to explore and find healthy restaurant locations or honestly sometimes I love to stay home and research anything health related and of course spend time with my family :)"

What is your hair type?

I would say my hair type tends to be more oily at the root and drier towards the ends since I dye my hair a few times a year. I also have thick hair, but it's not too thick with the crazy baby hairs that I always need to tame with some EVOLVh products!

What are your hair concerns or #hairgoals?

My hair concerns are mostly avoiding dry ends that can then lead to breakage. And adding back silkiness and shine.

We just launched a Build-A-Bundle feature so you can bundle & save on your EVOLVh routine. What products would you bundle together and why do you love having these in your routine?

  1. UltraShine Shampoo
  2. UltraShine Conditioner 
  3. WonderBalm 
  4. UltraFlex Hairspray 
  5. UltraRepair Hair Masque 

I love having these products in my hair routine because they revive and bring back life to my hair.

How does your hair make you feel?

Well on good hair days my hair makes me feel so put together and like I can handle the day. That and some lipstick :)

I love seeing your easy, healthy recipes. Do you have a favorite fall recipe that you have been loving?

My current favorite healthy fall recipe is my picadillo recipe made with beef, sweet potatoes and black olives. It makes for perfect leftovers and even a good nourishing breakfast with a fried egg on top!

Follow Gabriela on IG: @lipstickandwellness

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