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Our Earth & Wallet Friendly Options

Being economically and environmentally conscious doesn't always go hand in hand, but we've made it our mission to provide EVOLVhers with proven performance products that are not only free of chemicals and full of results, but also embody our "save more, waste less" mantra. To this end, we have value and sustainability driven options for wherever you are on your EVOLVh Journey. 


New To EVOLVh? 



For newcomers, we typically recommend starting off with one of our Discovery Kits, available in the following categories:

SMOOTH - Revitalize and refresh ALL hair types - including those with fine hair, needing volume, and anyone wanting to tame and soften gray hair.

CURL CARE - Whatever your curl challenges, this simple routine is a fresh start that results in soft, healthy, and shiny ringlets without frizz or "crunch."

VOLUME - Go from flat to fabulous with added thickness, movement, shine, and voluminous hair that's soft to the touch, and will still look amazing on day 2 or 3 after washing.

COLOR CARE - Experience hair that feels soft, hydrated, and youthful, while maintaining the most vibrant long-lasting color and shine with reduced fading.
Each kit includes the four-product solution system you need to change your hair life. Cleanse with a shampoo or wash, treat with a conditioner, protect with a leave-in conditioner, and style with a multi-purpose styler created with your hair type/concerns in mind. 

At just $29 each, the Discovery Kits are the ideal risk-free way to take our products for a test-drive before committing to full sizes. Save money - check. Avoid waste - check

Pro Tip: If you LOVE the products and are ready to upgrade to full sizes - be sure to save the 2oz. bottles from the kit to refill from the full/liter sizes when it comes time to travel. 


Not Sure Where To Start?


In order to ensure that you start off with the right solution for your specific needs, we've created a Hair Quiz that will give a solution-based system catered to your unique #hairgoals so that you can place your first order with confidence to avoid wasting money/time on the wrong products and thereby reduce your carbon footprint.   



Ready To Upgrade?


Much like in skincare, the way you layer your products has a huge impact on results, and while most of us wouldn't think of skipping shampoo or conditioner, it's actually the third leave-in conditioner step that can make all the difference. With this in mind, we've combined our most popular performance-driven trios into value-priced box sets. 


Just like with our Discovery Kits, we have full-size 3-step systems for the most common needs: 


The Healthy Hair Trio · For All Hair Types · $69 (An $82 Value) >

The Healthy Curls Trio · For Waves, Curls & Kinks · $79 (A $95 Value) >

The Healthy Volume Trio · For Hair Wanting Extra Volume · $69 (An $83 Value) >

The Healthy Color Trio · For Color Treated Or Bleached Hair · $82 (A $98 Value>



Going All The Way?


If you're hooked on all four products from your Discovery Kit, looking to add a styler to your Healthy Hair Trio, or ready to jump-start your hair evolution with four full-size products that take the guesswork out of figuring out a routine - our Value Bundles are for you. 



The Smooth Value Bundle · For All Hair Types · $89 (A $114 Value) >
The Color Value Bundle · For Color Treated Or Bleached Hair · $115 (A $146 Value) >



Want The Ultimate "Save More, Waste Less" Experience? 


All of our shampoos and conditioners, plus our cult-favorite SmartStart Leave-In Conditioner and UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque are available as a liter option - simply select the liter size from the respective product page. Or score our BIGGEST savings while significantly reducing waste with one of our Liter Duos or Liter Bundles:



The Smooth Liter Bundle · For All Hair Types · $169 (A $207 Value) >
The Volume Liter Bundle · For Hair Wanting Extra Volume · $169 (A $204 Value) >
The Color Liter Bundle · For Color Treated Or Bleached Hair · $195 (A $286 Value) >
“Earth” and “EVOLVh” both start and end with the same letters - it’s a special connection we share with our beautiful, beloved planet and is symbolic of our values and who we are. No matter which option you choose - you can trust that all of our products are highly concentrated (ie. a little goes a long way so that they last longer), and that we're dedicated to eco-friendly, responsible, and sustainable manufacturing, packaging, and shipping practices. Equally as important, our formulas are never tested on animals, and they are free of toxic chemicals (no nasties here) - which is super important for hair care in particular as it gets rinsed down the drain, often feeding directly into rivers, lakes, oceans, and other aquatic ecosystems.