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In Case You Missed It: November

Hey you. Yeah you! Perhaps it's time to step away from the Cyber Weekend shopping and indulge in some self-care content for a quick mental break instead. What better time to look back at the past month with us and prepare for peak holiday mode than while digesting Thanksgiving leftovers and reflecting in gratitude. Consider it a virtual hug from your friends at EVOLVh!


Refinery29: Natural-Hair Gifts Perfect For Kinks To Curls & Coils

"Kinks, coils, and silk presses — oh my. Natural hair, as we've come to embrace and protect it, comes in many forms. During a time of salon closures and uncertainty, the #naturalhair movement has continued to circulate; bringing a sense of community among women who are embracing their birth-given tresses for the first time. But, it's still tough to find a gift guide that will serve you well during the holiday season. With dry shampoos and perms aside, I (your Lifestyle Writer who both shops for a living and exists in the world as a natural-hair gal) am here to help you find all the natural-hair goods that are truly worth gift wrapping.

Whether it's a silk pillowcase for overnight protection, luxe satin-lined caps for style preservation, or best-selling blow dryers that spread heat easily among drenched locks, I've discovered it all. Ahead, find all 15 of these natural-hair gifts that are perfect for every braided to curly and kinky or straightened sister in your life."

"The Curls Discovery Kit contains 4 products, all made from clean ingredients that work to maintain and nourish easy to manage, smooth, and natural curls."

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In honor of Thanksgiving, our team decided to take the opportunity to share the foods that we most look forward to indulging in over the infamously food-centric holiday, as well as what we're each most grateful for this year.

We like to think of gratitude as a muscle - it must be exercised regularly - so if this post inspires you to take a closer look and give thanks, our job here is done.

Today and every day, we're endlessly thankful for each and every EVOLVher. Here's hoping you all also have lots and lots to be thankful for and that your hearts were as full as your stomachs this Turkey Day!

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Each year brings with it a new hair trend, and despite everything - 2020 is no different. This year's trend, however, may be a little bit... unexpected.

Between the new normal of working from home, the lack of hair salon access, and general reprioritization in the midst - the hottest trend this year is... wait for it... gray hair. Perhaps, it’s not entirely due to the state of our world, but can simply be attributed to the fact that gray hair translates to accepting yourself and making peace with the decision to go au natural. Not only does it free you from the monthly grind of spending those dollars and time with your colorist while you align your schedule around your roots, but you may just discover that going gray can be a liberating decision in more ways than one. We encourage you to embrace whatever hair color you choose, and as always, we’re here to support you with the best tips and tricks to rock that silver and still have the healthiest most gorgeous strands ever.

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These blog posts from last year's holiday season are still just as relevant today and hopefully you find them helpful in case you missed them the first time around!


Somehow the holidays have basically crept up on us...yet again. Whether that means you're stressed about deadlines at work, coordinating menus for your hosting duties (even if they may look a little different this year), or arranging your (safe for 2020) travel plans and bracing yourself for family time, we ALL have those gifting obligations to attend to. Luckily, we've tapped our very own team to share not only their EVOLVh must-have and must-gift favorites, but also their personal wish lists and suggestions for foolproof prezzies from brands they love. So what if you snag some goodies for yourself while dutifully checking everyone off that list? We won't judge!

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If you're anything like us, now is probably around the time that the pressure of perfectionism and general hectic holiday hoopla is coming to a head. Not to mention, end-of-year work and home-life responsibilities and those dreaded resolutions everyone will be talking about. Not to fret dearest EVOLVhers - our team's gift guide (mentioned above) has got you covered. As for some general wellness tips specifically catered to this delicate time of year, you'll want to be sure to read on!

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And when you ARE ready to get back to that "gift" shopping (whether or not you're mostly shopping for yourself hehe) - don't miss out on our once-a-year-only tiered promo running through Sunday, November 29th!

Happy Holidays, EVOLVhers!